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Gaining the Edge - Cap Intro New York 2022 will take place in person on November 2 & 3 at the New York Marriott Marquis. It will also include 3 weeks of virtual meetings from October 31 through November 18, which will allow registrants from Europe, the Middle East and Asia to participate. The event will be dedicated to 1-1 capital introduction meetings between managers, allocators and a limited number of service providers. they are proud that over 8,000 industry professionals have registered for one our events. Join them (in-person and virtually) or (virtual only) to network with and schedule 1-1 capital introduction meetings with leading alternative investment professionals.

Gaining the Edge has hosted three highly successful cap intro events that averaged over 1,000 registrations, including Gaining the Edge - Cap Intro Florida 2022 and two virtual cap intro events in May of 2021 and October of 2020. Gaining the Edge also hosts Gaining the Edge – Hedge Fund Conferences that have sold out all 6 conferences with over 2,000 unique industry registrations, and Gaining the Edge – Hedge Fund Educational Webinar Series, which has had over 7,000 industry professionals register for one of its 22 episodes.