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Private Wealth and Family Offices - Conferences

Private Wealth and Family Office Conferences. This part of the site lists private wealth management conferences taking place around the world. A number of organisers run events for Family Offices including Opal, Incisive Media, IMN, Prestel & Partner and PEI. Campden Conferences host Family Office events in Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, London and the United States. Topics examined at conferences for family offices include succession planning, the operations of a family investment office and outsourcing...

for family offices. CFA run a notable wealth management event in the USA, while Marcus Evans and Markets Group run events in multiple locations. Key attendees at events on this page include private banks, family office managers, wealth management product designers, investment marketers and investment advisers from across the wealth management industry. Other themes explored include the impact of technology in wealth management, such as robo-advisers, social media and big data, the fiduciary duties of investment advisers and investment strategies for high net worth (HNW) individuals.

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