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Compliance notes

The Savvy Investor platform has been designed and optimized to allow investment professionals around the world to share knowledge and build relationships effectively, whilst maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements, This includes:

  • Data Protection Compliance, e.g. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Investment Compliance, e.g. relating to SEC/FINRA in the United States and the UK’s FCA.

Our compliance framework has been designed to cater for the needs of a variety of different investor types, operating within a multitude of other jurisdictions, including those in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Asia and Europe. We believe we have optimized our compliance solution to all allow employees of all regulated investment institutions to participate fully in the site.


The Savvy Investor platform has been designed to allow investment marketers to promote their content and generate leads from within the Institutional Investment industry, whilst maintaining compliance with data protection laws and regulatory requirements around the world. This includes UK and European General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). For full details of our framework for the processing and sharing of personal data with our partners, please download the PDF or contact legal@savvyinvestor.net


To read our analysis of the key regulatory issues and the solutions that we have put in place, please download the PDF or contact legal@savvyinvestor.net


Content published on Savvy Investor is outside of the scope of MIFID II. We curate content written by asset management firms, investment consultants, professional bodies and academics. We only link to content which is freely available online. We don’t publish research on individual securities and we don’t partner with investment banks to distribute their research. To discuss further, please contact legal@savvyinvestor.net


If you require further detail on any of these issues, please contact us using the contact email address legal@savvyinvestor.net.

Please note that the accompanying notes do not represent legal or compliance advice. Different regulations apply in different jurisdictions and users should consult their own legal advisors where necessary. All content submitted must be written in compliance with the regulations applying to each user.