Who is Savvy Investor for?

Savvy Investor is a “knowledge network” for institutional investors and their service providers. We curate the world's best content from across the industry and host it in a single location, free to access. As the world’s leading platform for the distribution of white papers and thought leadership to institutional investors, we help our 50,000 members to work smarter. For more information, visit "Who is Savvy Investor for?" or Section 2 of the Terms and Conditions.

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Your home page

Your home page is personalized to your interests. The content displayed on this page is based around the topics you follow. The top left hand corner of the page displays invitations received and notifications of the activity of the people and companies you follow.

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Your personal profile

Your profile will be viewed hundreds of times, so it’s worth investing a few minutes editing it! In particular be sure to provide a photo and a few words of summary, as this makes your profile far more likely to be clicked and followed.

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Your company profile

Check if your company is already listed in the Company Directory. Many companies have been pre-listed but their profiles are not yet claimed - if your company is listed but unclaimed, you may claim the profile and provide a company description. If your company is not yet listed, you may register it and establish a company presence on the site – or contact your marketing department and ask them to do it. Visit companies FAQ for more information.

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Registering as an employee

Upon registration, you will automatically be added as an employee of your company if your email domain matches a company that already has a profile on the site. However, if not, we encourage all users to register as an employee of their company as soon as possible. This enables "Company Managers" to monitor and record content published by employees. Only approved employees may write content in the company name. Visit companies FAQ for more information.

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The "Company Manager"

Each company has one or more "Company Managers" who oversee the company's activity on the site and control which employees are authorized to write content "in the company name".

Visit our 'Company Manager FAQ' for more information.

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Publishing content "in the company name"

Content on Savvy Investor is posted in the name of the company. Individual employees of Approved Companies can post content if they are authorised to do so by the Company Manager. Visit publishing and content for more information.

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My stuff - "library"

When you see a particularly interesting post and want to refer back to it later, click "save to library" and the item will be bookmarked in your library folder.

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My stuff - "contributions"

The "contributions" tab is is where you can see a record of all your posts for which you were the original author. If you want to see all posts for your company, visit your company page.

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My stuff - "preferences"

Visit your preferences page to improve the way in which the site is tailored to your needs. For more information visit preferences FAQ.

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Changing your time zone

If you visit your log-in details on your user profile you may change your time zone. This will change the timings reported for activity on the site.

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Locked out of your user profile

If you enter your password incorrectly five times, you will be locked out of the site. To get back in, click "forgot password", generating an email verification to reset your password. Otherwise, you need to wait six hours to try your password again.

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Linking to your existing articles and papers

Someone in your company is likely to have written an article or paper of interest to the community. This content may be available on your website or in PDF format. You can leverage this work many times over by simply writing a short commentary and posting a link to your paper or web-page. The sooner you do this, the more likely it is that these items will become established as “most popular” within their category.

If you are an approved company, you can publish content:simply go to write something and click "paper".

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Connecting with other users

When you "follow" someone on Savvy Investor, you receive notifications of content they write and give them permission to message you. If you follow one another, this is a "connection". Visit network FAQ for more information.

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See who you know

The best way of finding people you already know on Savvy Investor is to check against your list of email contacts. We have handy tools to help you do just this -  visit "find people I know" to import your Outlook or webmail contacts.

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Messaging other users

Savvy Investor has its own internal messaging system. You may send a private message to anyone who is a "connection" or who follows you. Any other messages must be sent as "SavvyMail" which requires Savvy dollar credits. Visit messaging FAQ for more information.

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Using search

The search box at the top of the page offers a number of different search types. You may search on "content" or on "conferences" or on "companies" or on "people" etc.

A search on "content" will generate matches from amongst all content types. You may then click on specific tabs (e.g. articles & white papers) to filter your results further.

Spelling does not have to be exact as we use a "fuzzy" search. However, if you wish to search for an exact term, you should place your search term within speech marks. For instance, if you are searching for people called "Andrews", and you do not want people named "Andrew" to appear, then place the word "Andrews" within speech marks.

If you enter two keywords, this will search for posts containing BOTH words. 

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Business development

Advertising opportunities include Paper Promotion, Lead Generation, Company Directory placement, banners and job ads. For further information visit the advertising overview or download our media pack.

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Data Protection Compliance and Investment Compliance

The Savvy Investor platform has been designed and optimized to allow investment professionals around the world to share knowledge and build relationships effectively, whilst maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements, This includes:

  • Data Protection Compliance, e.g. Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Investment Compliance, e.g. relating to SEC/FINRA in the United States and the UK’s FCA.

Our compliance framework has been designed to cater for the needs of a variety of different investor types, operating within a multitude of other jurisdictions, including those in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and Europe. We believe we have optimized our compliance solution to all allow employees of all regulated investment institutions to participate fully in the site.


The Savvy Investor platform has been designed to allow investment marketers to promote their content and generate leads from within the Institutional Investment industry, whilst maintaining compliance with data protection laws and regulatory requirements around the world. This includes Europe’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). For full details of our framework for the processing and sharing of personal data with our partners, please download the PDF or contact legal@savvyinvestor.net


To read our analysis of the key regulatory issues and the solutions that we have put in place, please download the PDF or contact legal@savvyinvestor.net


Content published on Savvy Investor is outside of the scope of MIFID II. We curate content written by asset management firms, investment consultants, professional bodies and academics. We only link to content which is freely available online. We don’t publish research on individual securities and we don’t partner with investment banks to distribute their research. To discuss further, please contact legal@savvyinvestor.net

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Links published by the Savvy Investor Content Team

The Savvy Investor Content Team has identified thousands of articles and papers of interest to institutional investors. Articles have been categorized and tagged, with links to the original sources. All of these links are searchable on Google, but our aggregation provides members with a more intelligently indexed search, providing a taxonomy which enables users to quickly identify relevant resources, bringing kudos and traffic to linked sites. If you do not welcome our links to your website, you may contact legal@savvyinvestor.net and request removal.

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Curated content for "news and blogs"

Be sure not to miss your tailored news each day! Our proprietary technology identifies, categorizes and aggregates relevant news stories and blogs, from hundreds of different sites, throughout the day, based on relevant keyword combinations.

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How do I delete my Savvy Investor account?

If you would like to remove or delete your profile for any reason, please get in touch via the contact page. Our support team will remove your account from the site.

We'd appreciate it if you gave a short reason of why you no longer wish to be a Savvy Investor member, as it helps us to improve the site for our users. If you simply wish to stop receiving emails from the site, you can amend your preferences, as well as your privacy settings.

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