Partnership Opportunities

List your company in the Company Directory - and become an "approved" publisher

  • Listing your company in the Company Directory allows you to create a Company Page, which can be found by members searching for companies like yours.
  • In addition to providing a company description, there are sections for you to detail your products or services and to provide relevant contact details.
  • As a listed company, you are automatically "approved" to publish your thought leadership content or investment research on the Savvy Investor site.

The cost of an approved company is only $450 per month

Important notes

1. There are alternative packages available if you would like us to promote your content or provide you with Lead Generation Reports telling who has viewed your content.

2. All content published on the Savvy Investor site must be objective and educational. Explicit marketing copy is strictly prohibited.

3. For more information on how companies work on Savvy Investor, visit our companies FAQ.