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Asset Allocation Conferences. Below is a directory of conferences for asset allocators, asset owners and CIOs. The number of companies running pure asset allocation events has dropped in recent years. Asset allocation conferences often cover elements of both strategic and tactical asset allocation, usually allocating a good chunk of time to considering the case for alternative asset classes...

and how to implement allocations to alternatives. Some events will spend a good deal of time looking a specific investment opportunities; others will focus more on the asset allocation process, for instance, examining TAA models which may use value and momentum factors to vary the allocation according to market conditions. Other events focus more on considerations of portfolio structure, for instance, core-satellite approaches, or the use of passively managed index components, perhaps following a smart beta methodology. Frequently these events will include a discussion of how to control downside risk; perhaps using low volatility strategies or using a form of dynamic asset allocation or dynamic hedging. Most asset allocation events will also spend a portion of time considering the current investment outlook. Companies operating within this space include, IBR Conferences, FT Global Conferences, Opal, Terrapinn and the CFA Institute. Of particular interest to asset allocators are tools which will help them generate alpha through market timing. Many asset allocators will employ some form of equity market valuation model, often in combination with a number of other fundamental or quant factors.

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    Oct 2023

EMex Americas (New York City) 11 Oct 2023

Network with allocators, emerging managers and service providers at the definitive forum for the next generation of top performing fund managers in the Americas.

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