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Hedge Funds - Conferences

Hedge Fund Conferences. Below you will find a directory of events for hedge fund investors and hedge fund professionals. Global Arc and EuroHedge are just two of the key conference organizers running hedge fund conferences for pension funds, endowments and other asset owners. Key themes examined at these events include hedge fund manager selection and due diligence...

, how to implement an asset allocation to hedge funds, and how to decompose hedge fund returns into factor exposures (market betas and alternative betas). Other hot topics include new ways to generate hedge fund alpha, how to carry out effective hedge fund analysis and ETF products for hedge fund replication. Growing trends such as hedge fund activism and liquid alternatives are of great interest to conference delegates. IMN Conferences run hedge fund events on the East Coast and West Coast of USA, while Markets Group run a Midwest Investor Forum. Other topics covered at these events include a helicopter view of hedge fund styles and strategies, such as equity-driven, equity hedge, global macro, managed futures, statistical arbitrage, short strategies, distressed securities and event-driven strategies.

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