Hedge Funds

Hedge Funds - Articles & White Papers

Hedge fund articles and white papers: both hedge fund research for investors and reports for hedge fund industry professionals. Hedge fund surveys have proved particularly popular in this section, with the likes of PwC, KPMG, Deloitte and Towers Watson producing some particularly fine reports on the state of the alternative asset industry and business strategy for hedge fund managers. Reports on the hedge fund industry tend to cover themes such as hedge fund marketing and branding, hedge fund product design...

, and hedge fund regulation and compliance. Other hedge fund reports consider business opportunities in areas such as liquid alts or managed accounts. The most popular research for hedge fund investors includes reports on asset allocation to hedge funds, hedge fund activism, and hedge fund manager selection and due diligence (how to capture alpha in emerging markets hedge funds, for example, and whether buying into top-performing hedge funds is a good strategy). As you'd expect, many reports in this section examine hedge fund returns in some detail, for instance, exploring hedge funds return expectations, dissecting the sources of hedge fund returns, explaining hedge fund replication, examining survivorship bias in hedge fund indices, and unpacking hedge fund performance fees. Also popular are academic and professional white papers explaining hedge fund styles and strategies, managed futures, systematic macro, long/short funds, statistical arbitrage, global macro, short vol strategies and funds of hedge funds.

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