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Commercial Real Estate Conferences. Listed in this part of our website are conferences for institutional investors in commercial property conferences. Conference companies active in this space include Private Equity International, whose real estate arm PERE (Private Equity Real Estate) organises respected and popular summits in USA, Asia and Europe, covering a range of topics including family office real estate investment, private wealth real estate investment, and the outlook for commericial property...

. CRE conferences are also run by other conference organisers such as SPS Conferences, FT Global Conferences and Events, and Markets Group. These events examine pension plan investment in commercial real estate, real estate funds, real estate futures, real estate indices and real estate investment trusts. Other conferences have a specific regional focus, for example: commercial property in China, commercial property in Dubai and the wider MENA property sector, commercial property in Tokyo, commercial property in New York, and commercial property in London and other European capitals.

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