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Commercial Real Estate - Articles & White Papers

Articles and white papers on commercial real estate (CRE) for institutional investors. The most popular reports in this section provide research on the outlook for commercial property including secular trends, or demographic "megatrends" in institutional real estate investment. One popular paper considers the risks in direct real estate investing. Considering the characteristics of commercial real estate as an asset class, CRE is considered a "real asset", with long-term inflation hedging properties. Making an allocation to direct investment in commercial property provides added diversification and risk-reduction benefits to most multi-asset portfolios, but direct investment in property is only feasible for larger funds. Smaller funds may invest in listed commercial property funds, or may use listed real estate securities or REITs as a proxy for the asset class. Some papers argue a case for strategic allocation to REITs (real estate investment trusts), which now exist as a dedicated sector in many equity indices. From the perspective of defined contribution pensions plans, a strong argument is presented for adding private real estate as an investment option in DC plans. For DB pensions, an allocation to commercial property provides a relatively secure, predictable, real income stream. In this section you will also find reports on the UK commercial property outlook, the outlook for commercial real estate in North America, as well as the outlook for commercial property in Europe, China, Asia Pacific and the emerging markets. Indeed, an increasing number of investors are viewing commercial property as a global asset class; traditionally major investors have retained a home bias to the asset class, but cross-border activity is increasing. Other articles and surveys cover research into the history of property prices, property bubbles, UK commercial real estate debt and factor analysis for real estate.
  • Kames Capital

    A new approach to property investment (Kames Capital, 2018)

    There are various ways for pension schemes to invest in property. The largest investors can buy physical properties, although most schemes favour pooled funds or multi-manager solutions. These approaches bring risks of underperformance and illiquidity, while the high costs of trading means schemes rarely switch providers until it is too late. The unique nature of property as an ...

  • QMA

    Some Like It Hot: Fiscal Policy, Inflation and the Role of Real Assets (QMA, March 2017)

    • 13 Mar 2017
    • Company: QMA

    Of all the variables the new administration brings for investors one of the trickiest to plan for is inflation. Inflationary pressures were already building before the election ushered in the prospect of a sweeping agenda of pro-growth fiscal and de-regulatory policies. One common way to hedge against inflation is to diversify portfolios with exposure to real assets – ...

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  • 2016 Global Real Estate Trends

    The authors of this paper explore eight key trends that they expect to shape market conditions and investment performance this year and beyond. These are: increases in transaction volume; broadening of investment horizons; continuing yield compression; the return of diversification; occupier performance leading investors; further falls in vacancy; more markets reaching peak rents; ...

  • Franklin Templeton Investments

    Social Infrastructure in Europe: Private Investment Opportunities (Franklin Templeton, 2018)

    Social infrastructure is defined as the physical assets that facilitate social services, helping build strong communities. Assets include healthcare and education facilities, social and affordable housing, and buildings related to justice, emergency and civic services. This paper by Franklin Templeton explores some of the European investment opportunities.

  • Preqin

    Preqin Fund Manager Outlook: Alternative Assets, H1 2018

    This report by Preqin has been published specifically for Savvy Investor members! It surveys over 550 private capital firms and 360 hedge funds to compile the most comprehensive fund manager outlook report covering the alternative assets industry. Key findings include market overview for each asset class, key challenges, deal flow and competition, fund manager views and ...

  • CFA Institute Research Foundation

    Alternative Investments: A Primer for Investment Professionals (CFA Institute Research Foundation, 2018)

    This publication has been authored by CAIA and published by CFA Institute Research Foundation. It provides an overview of alternative investments for an institutional asset allocator or overseer of a portfolio containing both traditional and alternative assets. It is designed to build on the reader’s existing knowledge by providing essential information about the ...

  • Barings

    Intellectual Property as a Real Asset (Barings, 2018)

    The understanding of “real” assets has evolved over time with the expansion of asset-based investment strategies available to institutional investors. However, there is no one accepted definition of real assets. Past thinking on the subject has been limited by the attempt to reduce real assets to a single characteristic, such as the positive correlation to inflation or ...

  • bfinance

    Rethinking Real Assets (bfinance, 2018)

    While the post-GFC phase was marked by diversification towards real assets, recent years have seen greater emphasis on diversification within real assets. How beneficial is this type of diversification, particularly in the later stage of the market cycle? With both asset owners and asset managers now taking a more integrated approach to this sector, what are the implications and ...

  • Preqin

    Preqin Investor Outlook: Alternative Assets H1 2018

    Find out the latest on your peers’ appetite for private equity, venture capital, hedge funds, real estate, infrastructure, private debt and natural resources in the Preqin Investor Outlook: Alternative Assets, H1 2018. Featuring the findings of extensive surveys with 550 institutional investors, the report examines investor activity and challenges in 2018, levels of ...

  • Invesco (Europe)

    "Generation Income" - looking beyond traditional real estate (Invesco, 2018)

    Investors need income, but how can it be generated in a low-return environment? For real estate investors, it may be time to look beyond the well-known. In this article, we present three alternatives that can enhance real estate investments or multi-asset portfolios: European hotels, income-focused investing in the US and global income securities.

  • Invesco (Europe)

    Risk & Reward Q4 2017: The Rise of Digital Lending (Invesco)

    This issue of Risk & Reward examines digital lending. One of the most interesting and potentially impactful developments accompanying the advent of financial technology – “fintech” – has been the appearance and rapid growth of digital lending and other alternative finance platforms. In our latest Risk & Reward we explore these developments and their ...

  • Willis Towers Watson

    Global Alternatives Survey 2017: Including the top alternative asset manager rankings (Willis Towers Watson)

    This 95-page report presents the findings of the 2017 Global Alternatives Survey by Willis Towers Watson. Section 1 of the report delves into recent trends and activities in different alternative asset classes, for example, hedge funds, private equity, real estate, infrastructure, and more. Section 2 lists the Top 100 alternative asset managers by AuM around the world.

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  • The Boston Consulting Group

    The Rise of Alternatives and Long-Term Investing: Strategic Asset Allocation for Large Institutional Investors (BCG)

    This report by The Boston Consulting Group provides guidance for large institutional investors on strategic asset allocation to alternative assets and thinking long-term. It examines the recent investment strategies and management practices of leading institutional investors around the world.

  • Cohen & Steers

    The Benefits of Real Assets Diversification in Defined Contribution Plans (Cohen & Steers, 2017)

    With stocks and bonds facing the prospect of subdued returns, many fiduciaries of defined contribution (DC) plans are considering diversification options for their investment menu. We show how liquid real assets—including real estate securities, commodities, natural resource equities and listed infrastructure—may offer an attractive way to fill that diversification ...

  • BNP Paribas Asset Management

    Behavioural Science of Real Estate Cycles (BNP Paribas Asset Management, 2017)

    This fascinating 42-page paper has been co-authored by BNP Paribas Real Estate and Ipsos MORI. It explores the 'cycology' of the real estate market. In a volatile and uncertain world, models cannot account for every variable that drives performance. The recognition that the market won't simply 'revert to mean' has inspired this new study. It acknowledges that ...

  • EY

    Trends in Real Estate Private Equity - Global Market Outlook 2016 (E&Y)

    • 01 Dec 2015
    • Company: EY

    This 36 page paper by EY provides an overview of the increasingly complex environment in which real estate fund managers operate. The report examines the changing landscape for both primary and secondary investment, with helpful regulatory/compliance sections on AIFMD, BEPS and reporting requirements, and the US FIRPTA regulations. The report also examines businesses processes ...