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After a summer swoon, markets rebounded in the fourth quarter to end the year up 20%. As the new year begins, headwinds remain, but hope is abound that those will start to dissipate. Even so, high interest rates, trading volume volatility and the overall uncertainty that impacted markets last year and led to widespread corporate cost-cutting are likely to continue into 2024. As a result, investment professionals will need to employ a more stringent vetting process as they evaluate their data needs and search for high-quality and differentiated data products.

During this Data Minds session, capital markets experts will weigh in on how best to source and utilize data in uncertain times to help you outperform your benchmark. They will also share their top data themes for 2024.

Topics for discussion include:

  • Global trading and risk outlook for 2024 and how to leverage the right data
  • How to incorporate several datasets in a multi-factor model without having a team of quants at your disposal
  • Inflation vs. interest rates - experts' view on the primary long-term concern for investors
  • Actionable AI use cases for investors


Michael Mayhew | Integrity Research

Omer Cedar | Omega Point

Chris Petrescu | CP Capital

Alison Rooney | Google

Pranav Ghai | Calcbench

Virtual Panel

January 11, 2024 at 11am ET | Free to attend. Approximately 45 minutes. No sales pitches.

Who should attend?

Equity and options traders, quantimental investors, risk professionals, portfolio managers, researchers and more.