Alpha Trading Strategies

Alpha Trading Strategies - Conferences

Conferences on Alpha Creation. This page is intended particularly for conferences that cover strategies for generating alpha. These will normally be quantitative, systematic or algorithmic strategies, including conferences on high-frequency trading (HFT). This topic also includes conferences on behavioural finance and investment strategies which seek to harvest alpha by taking advantage of the...

behavioural bias of investors. Many strategies will be factor-based, seeking to add value from exposure to risk factors such as momentum, value, size, quality etc. Conferences on smart beta strategies are beginning to emerge, but often the best events for "alpha generation" ideas are quant conferences or trading events. Terrapinn is a key player within the quant space, hosting quant gatherings in London and Canada and a series of "Trading Show" events in North America.

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    Sep 2024
Frankfurt Regional Meeting 2024

Frankfurt Regional Meeting 2024

Join us at this FIX Trading Community event as we present issues and challenges impacting the electronic trading market in Germany. Hosted by Commerzbank on Tuesday 24th September 2024, the…

  • 16
    Oct 2024
Americas Trading Conference 2024

Americas Trading Conference 2024

Building on the success of the Americas Trading Conferences, the FIX Trading Community returns to New York with a full-day conference this October! Hosted at etc.venues 360 Madison Avenue in…

  • 21
    Nov 2024
France Trading Conference 2024

France Trading Conference 2024

Returning to Paris this year, the FIX Trading Community invites you to attend the France Trading Conference. Taking place at the Étoile Business Center in Paris on Thursday 21st November,…