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There is little doubt that COVID-19 has brought new challenges to the alternatives market. However, leading investment managers and their institutional investors are confident that these will be short-term.


In fact, while stocks, bonds, and cash have long been the chosen trinity of portfolio construction, alternatives have taken hold over the last decade. That hold will further solidify and expand as diversified portfolios weather this volatile time. The CAiP Alternative Investments Forum will gather the leading experts and top pension fund managers from across Canada to uncover the new opportunities and risks within alternative investments in a post-COVID world.


You will learn:

  • How successful institutional investors — large and small alike — are deploying alternatives and increasing their ROI — especially with COVID-19

  • The increased emphasis on ESG and how it now permeates all alternatives

  • What cornerstone principles should you be following to build a diversified and dynamic portfolio that will perform in ongoing and persistent turbulence!

  • Why this is the right time to invest in both private debt and private credit — and how it will pay off for you in increased ROI!