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Salaries in the Asset Management Industry

Asset Management Salary Surveys from Around the World

Every quarter, our Content Team curates a unique list of the best asset manager salary surveys from around the world, providing our members with information on benchmark salaries for investment management professionals. These fund manager salary surveys cover a wide variety of roles within the asset management industry, showing pay and bonus for portfolio managers, CIOs and investment analysts, compensation for investment marketers, salaries in the pensions industry, and asset management back office salaries.

U.S. and Canada Asset Manager Salary Surveys

Investment manager salary and bonus levels

Our Content Team has compiled a unique listing of the best surveys detailing compensation for North American fund management professionals, covering asset manager salaries and also detailing remuneration in related investment, pensions and financial sectors. These salary surveys cover a wide variety of job-types, not just for front office money managers, but also for salaries in investment sales & marketing roles. Some surveys also include levels of portfolio manager bonus.

Back office pay, which includes salaries in operations, compliance, client service and risk management compensation are covered, as are finance and accounting roles, with separate surveys for USA and Canada. Remuneration survey data is also provided for salaries within asset management distribution.

Our list also includes surveys of salaries for CFA professionals, produced by a number of the CFA societies drawn from several financial centres across the USA.

Also included are quarterly salary surveys for investment professionals in the alternative investments industries. For private equity, information indicating pay and bonus levels in the North American private equity industry is provided. Granular detail is offered, with information on base, bonus, and carry by AUM and indications of how the compensation of private equity managers varies depending upon job type and seniority. Compensation trends in the private capital industry are also outlined.

For salaries in the U.S. pensions industry, we include a report showing searchable data of pension staff salaries from U.S. public sector pension funds.

U.S. and Canada Asset Manager Salaries

UK Investment Management Salaries and European Salary Surveys

UK and European fund manager salaries – how do you compare?

After many hours of searching, our Content Team has curated a unique compilation of the best surveys of pay in the UK and European asset management industries. Compensation package data has been obtained for a variety of front and back-office jobs, including salaries for portfolio managers and investment analysts, as well as those working in investment marketing and investment operations. Remuneration and pay within finance, risk, and compliance functions is also provided. Several investment salary surveys provide more granularity, data analysed is based on years of experience, as well as by job-type. One of the better salary surveys reveals average UK asset management compensation (including pay and bonus) across a range of roles.

For the more accounting & finance-oriented roles, Savvy Investor lists some of the best portfolio manager compensation surveys from leading recruitment consultants and headhunters. Similar information is provided for salaries in asset management distribution. If you’re looking for benchmark salaries for wealth managers or pay in the UK IFA/financial advisor market, links to the top salary survey in this area are included.

UK and Europe Asset Manager Salaries

Asia and Australia Asset Management Salary Surveys

Investment management salaries in Australia and Asia

The reports we have curated in this sector include surveys of Australian asset management compensation, Australian salaries in the superannuation industry, and remuneration for investment managers and back office salaries in Asia, including Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Japan, and Indonesia.

Leading consultants provide great guides to average portfolio manager salaries in Hong Kong, with good information also on pay within Hong Kong hedge funds and compensation in Hong Kong private banking.

Salary guides from a raft of top-level consultants assist in outlining remuneration packages for a wide variety of both front and back-office roles across mainland Australia and New Zealand. A number of highly regarded recruitment consultants specialise in accounting and finance roles within the investment sphere and their data is referenced here.

We also provide links to the best survey we have found covering super salaries in the Australian pensions industry; particularly covering CIO/CEO salaries for superannuation CIOs and CEOs.

Asia and Australia Asset Manager Salaries

Salaries for Pensions Managers and Professionals worldwide

Pensions Salary Surveys from around the World

Every quarter, our Content Team trawls the internet to identify the best surveys showing salaries for pensions managers, remuneration for Employee Benefit Directors, and compensation for Heads of Pensions; indeed if we come across a survey covering salaries in the pensions industry, we’ll include it in the list.

The best pensions salary surveys show compensation in the US and Canadian retirement industry, salaries in UK pensions, and salaries for super CIOs and CEOs in the Australian superannuation industry.

In the US public sector pensions industry, searchable data, which reveals the salaries of thousands of staff in public sector pension funds is available. This provides members with a great resource for benchmarking their own salary, or for setting benchmark salaries for US pensions executives.

Some organisations, such as CalPERS, actually carry out - and publish - their own surveys to compare salaries of their own pensions and investment managers against industry benchmarks. These surveys often consider salaries for senior pensions management roles, as well as asset management compensation.

Australia is another jurisdiction where regulations enhance the transparency of salaries in the superannuation industry. In this case, the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority requires certain salary data to be made publicly available, giving an insight into salary and bonus levels for superannuation CIOs and CEOs.

Global Pensions Professionals Salaries

Private Equity Salary Surveys

Compensation in the Private Equity industry – by geography, job type, and seniority

Savvy Investor collates the best institutional investment white papers from across the web. Amongst the content that always gets a lot of engagement are surveys of private equity remuneration, which we update once a quarter.

We scour the internet in our attempts to source some of the best reports on private equity salaries and private equity bonus levels, based on research conducted by the leading recruitment consultants. headhunters and placement agents. These private equity surveys dissect compensation across multiple dimensions, showing base, bonus, and carry by AUM and revealing how pay varies by role, investment strategy, and years of experience.

Within our curated list, we include details of the best surveys of pay for private equity professionals in USA, benchmarks for private capital compensation in the Asia Pacific region, and reports on compensation for private equity and private debt professionals working in the Nordic regions of Europe. An excellent study of private equity salary and bonus levels in London is provided, with compensation analysed by fund size and experience.

For those tasked with the role of talent management in private equity firms, an understanding of the marketplace for private equity compensation plays a key role in attracting and retaining key staff. Limited Partners are placing their General Partners under increased scrutiny, and the tension between underpaying and overpaying staff is critical.

Private Equity Salary Surveys