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Salaries: Asset Management (U.S. & Canada) – Q2 2022

Salary Survey Round-up: Front, middle, and back office roles

How does your remuneration package compare with those across the industry? The Savvy Investor Content Team has updated this unique list of the best U.S. and Canadian asset management salary surveys covering a range of roles in the investment, pensions, and finance industries.

This update includes, amongst other recent survey data, insights into investment banking, accounting & finance, and compensation within the family office sector.

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U.S Investment Banker Salary Guide (Corporate Finance Institute, 2022)

For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in the United States

How much is an investment banker salary? On an absolute basis, investment bankers are some of the highest-paid professionals for their age. As a new hire, one can expect to earn over $100,000 straight out of school. This article outlines the average salaries of investment bankers in the U.S.

Quant Salary in 2022 (Career Explorer Guide)

This article outlines the expected average salary of a quant in 2022, which currently amounts to $107,371.

U.S. Accounting and Finance Salary Guide (Robert Half, 2021)

For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in the United States

Robert Half supplies the latest information on hiring trends, salary tables, and job specs for U.S. accounting and finance roles.

U.S. Financial Services Compensation Guide (Johnson Associates, Mar 2022)

Major key takeaways are that incentives are up as the impact of the pandemic continues affecting back-to-work moves and employee fatigue accumulates. Moreover, there is an optimistic 'bubble' in financial services and the broader economy, which is building base salary pressures.

U.S. CIO Salary Guide (Payscale, 2022)

Payscale outlines the remuneration and salary expectations for investment professionals acting as chief investment officers (CIOs).

U.S. Asset Manager Salary Guide (Payscale, 2022)

Payscale covers the remuneration and salary expectations for investment professionals acting as asset managers.

2022 North American Private Equity Compensation Survey (Heidrick & Struggles)

Heidrick & Struggles' latest survey of private equity operating professionals in North American shows a more dramatic increase in compensation than previously seen, a trend that is being reflected across all private equity positions.

CalPERS Investment Positions Compensation Review (Global Governance Advisors, 2022)

The California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS) asked McLagan to assemble competitive compensation data for a range of investment management positions from its board-approved compensation comparator group.

U.S. Portfolio Manager Salary (Zippia, 2022)

Zippia outlines the salary ranges a U.S. portfolio manager might expect to earn by both state and city.

U.S. Private Equity Salary Guide (Wall Street Prep, 2022)

Private Equity Salaries are a major consideration for those considering an exit to the buy-side. In this article, Wall Street Prep provides salary ranges of private equity professionals starting from the associate level – as well as a comparison to the salaries received in investment banking.

Private Equity Strategy Consultant Salary Guide (Charles Aris, 2022)

Based on a survey of nearly 2,500 strategy consultancy professionals. See page nine for the qualification requirements and expected remuneration for roles related to private equity strategy.

RIA Compensation Report (Charles Schwab, 2022)

Schwab’s RIA Benchmarking Study is the leading study in the industry – 1,036 advisory firms participated in the compensation portion of the 2021 study, representing over three quarters of those who participated overall (1,340 firms). Data was collected from January to March 2021 on nearly 13,000 employees across 27 roles typically found at RIAs.

U.S. Goldman Sachs Associate Salary Guide (Career Explorer Guide, 2022)

The Average Goldman Sachs Associate Salary in 2022 is $122,748 per year. Their salary range is from $59,562 to $258,303 per year.

U.S. Investment Banking Associate Salary Guide (The Bankers Bible, 2022)

Over the past year, The Bankers Bible has witnessed the most significant change in investment banking compensation numbers that the industry has seen in nearly a decade. The site has compiled a list of updated compensation numbers for bankers, so that students currently going through recruiting have an accurate understanding of what their potential payout structures will look like.

U.S. & UK Investment Banker Compensation Report (Mergers and Inquisitions, 2022)

This article highlights the new base salary ranges for U.S.-based roles at large banks as of early 2022, along with total compensation from 2021 for London-based investment banking roles.

Salaries for Fundraising & Asset Gathering Investment Professionals (Emolument)

Emolument reports on the average salaries for a range of Asset Gathering/Fundraising professionals.

U.S. Investment Analyst Salary Guide (Payscale, 2022)

Payscale covers the remuneration and salary expectations for investment professionals acting as investment analysts.

Financial Services Compensation Trends (Willis Towers Watson, 2021)

This industry survey includes organisations involved in asset-based finance, asset management, corporate banking, insurance, investment banking and capital markets, private banking/wealth management, retail banking and transaction services.