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US and Canada Asset Management Salary Surveys (mid-2017 review)

Asset Management Salary and Bonus – how do you compare?

Our Research Team has curated this unique list of the best asset management salary surveys, reviewing the North American investment, pensions and finance industries. Covering a variety of roles within fund management and asset gathering, back office, pensions and finance roles.

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2016 Asset Management Compensation (Johnson Associates)
This review of salaries in US Asset Management shows how the mix of pay is changing, within certain specified asset management roles. The survey shows that pay levels in the US asset management industry declined in 2016, for the second consecutive year.

North American Private Equity: Compensation Survey (Feb 2017)
This 38-page report from Hedirick & Struggles dices the data in a variety of ways, showing base, bonus and carry by AUM and showing how compensation varies across different roles and lengths of experience.

U.S. Pension Staff Salary Database (Pension360, 2017)
Contains searchable data of thousands of pension staff salaries from U.S. public sector pension funds. This is an excellent resource if you're looking for a job within the public pension industry or are simply curious about what other pension systems pay your peers. 

Global Salary Survey 2017 - Finance and Accounting Professionals (Robert Walters)
This epic and detailed 400 page report covers data across 24 countries, including Australia and New Zealand, from pages 172-237.

2017 Salary Guide USA – Accounting and Finance Roles (Robert Half)
With figures shown city-by-city, benchmark salary ranges for professionals working in accounting & finance and banking & financial services roles.

Salaries for fundraising and asset gathering investment professionals (Emolument)
From Emolument; a brief survey of salaries for investment marketers involved in the business of asset gathering.

Asset Management Compensation – The Changing Landscape (2017)
This 20 page report from Johnson Associates provides an annual recap of the trends in compensation within the asset management industry.

2016 US Salary Guide - Accounting & Finance (Robert Half)
This 36 page document from Robert Half reveals salary ranges for those working in Accounting and Finance. Pages 22-24 of the document has a specific focus on Financial Services and Investment Management.

US Financial Executive Compensation Report 2017 (Grant Thornton)
A detailed look at compensation for financial execs in the US, in particular for those at CFO level or VP of Finance.

Survey of Canadian CFA Charterholder Compensation (2015)
A study of compensation amongst Canadian CFA Charterholders. Showing salary/bonus and benefit levels for portfolio managers, multi-asset PMs, portfolio analysts, risk analysts, compliance/regulatory professionals, investment marketers, product development professionals, investment advisers and private client execs

2017 Salary Guide Canada - Finance and Accounting Roles (Robert Half, May 2017)
This 36 page report details compensation across a variety of roles, with Financial Services covered specifically on pp 20-22.

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