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U.S. And Canada Asset Management Salary Surveys: End 2019

Asset management salary and bonus – how do you compare? 

The Savvy Investor Content Team has updated this unique list of the best US and Canadian asset management salary surveys, reviewing the investment, pensions and finance industries. These surveys cover a variety of roles within fund management and asset gathering, back office, pensions and finance.

This update includes, amongst other recent survey data, a very comprehensive view of compensation within the Family Office sector.

US Canada salaries

2018 CFA Society Financial Compensation Survey

This CFA Survey offers US investment professionals a localised insight into compensation for their region. This report focuses specifically on survey findings from CFA societies in Madison and Milwaukee.

2019 USA Accounting and Finance Salary Guide (Robert Half)

For salary levels in various banking and financial roles, including risk and compliance, client service and operations please turn to pp. 17-19.

2019 U.S. Salary Survey (Institute of Management Accountants)

The Institute of Management Accountants survey affords members the opportunity to reference their compensation levels and ascertain the additional value obtained from education and certification. This report is specific to the USA.

2019 Financial Services Compensation Survey (Johnson Associates)

Johnson Associates' most recent report gives an invaluable insight into compensation within the financial services industry

What Is a Typical Salary for a Chartered Financial Analyst? (The Balance Careers blog, 2019) collects the responses from in excess of 2,600 CFA holders across America in order to produce its report (dated October 2017) which gives a guide to compensation levels.

Family Office Compensation, Benchmarking Report (Morgan Stanley PWM/Botoff Consulting, 2019)

This expansive report (a collaborative effort between Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management and Botoff Consulting) provides a compensation benchmarking study for industry players, along with trends impacting compensation in family offices.

2018 Actuarial Salary Survey Graphs

The following charts compare the results of our 2018 Salary Survey with data obtained annually, from 2012 onward.

Hedge Fund Compensation Data - as of Dec 2019 (Wall Street Oasis)

WSO's brief synopsis of hedge funds compensation data is based upon user submissions through December 2019.

Private Equity Compensation Data - as of Dec 2019 (Wall Street Oasis)

WSO's brief synopsis of private equity compensation data is based upon user submissions through December 2019.

U.S. salaries for fundraising and asset gathering investment professionals (Emolument)

This brief survey from Emolument outlines salaries for investment marketers involved in the business of asset gathering. Users have the option to enter your own details and receive a more complete report.

U.S. Asset Management: 2Q Trends and Year-End Projections (Johnson Associates, 2019)

Johnson Associates suggests that going forward, salaries in asset management, investment and commercial banking may experience small declines. Tough trading conditions across markets continue to be a factor in investment banking, whilst continuing pressure on fee income affects asset management. Alternatives, however, offer the one bright spot, with slight increases noted.

2018 North American Private Equity Compensation Survey (Heidrick & Struggles)

This report from Heidrick & Struggles dissects the remuneration information in a variety of ways, illustrating base, bonus and carry by AUM and indicating how salary structures vary across different roles and lengths of experience.

2019 Canada Accounting and Finance Salary Guide (Robert Half)

Robert Half presents information relating to benchmark salary ranges for Canadian professionals in finance and accounting roles.

2018 Financial Compensation Survey (CFA Society Chicago)

This annual survey of salaries for investment professionals employed in its region, comes from the CFA Society of Chicago, IL,

2018 Financial Compensation Survey (CFA Society Iowa and Nebraska)

In this survey from November 2018, the CFA Societies of Iowa and Nebraska provide information indicating the salaries for investment professionals in their regions.

Preqin Special Report: Private Capital Compensation and Employment, Mar 2018

Prequin’s report examines the nascent remuneration and employment trends gathering momentum in private capital markets. Two thirds of firms expect to add resource in 2018 suggesting that the desire to add talent continues to grow.

2018 Financial Compensation Survey (CFA Society Pittsburgh)

The CFA Society of Pittsburgh, PA, released this salary survey in June 2018 for investment professionals within their region.

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