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Institutional Asset Managers - Articles & White Papers

White papers and articles of interest to institutional asset managers; in particular reports and surveys which examine different aspects of the institutional asset management industry. Amongst our most popular papers are those which examine the megatrends reshaping the investment management industry, and business imperatives that can be taken by alternative asset managers... and traditional money managers to profit from the changing industry landscape. Other white papers generating a lot of interest include those exploring IT strategy for asset management, and examining trends in front-office and middle-office technology and the transforming effect it can have. Research for investment marketers has been popular, with reports covering fund marketing, fiduciary managment, CFA Principles for Investing Reporting, AIFMD and global regulatory issues being well-read. However, the most popular posts on the site have been reports detailing front office and asset management salaries and bonuses across a variety of banking asset management roles, including rewards for portfolio managers, economists/strategists equity analysts, debt/credit analysts, and those in multi-manager roles.
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