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UK and Europe Asset Management Salary Surveys (end-2017 review)

UK and European Salaries in Asset management – how do you compare?

End-year is a good time to take stock and reflect on how your career is progressing. And a key question, of course, is how well are you paid?

Our Research Team has curated this unique list of the best UK and European asset management salary surveys. The surveys below cover a variety of asset management roles, within both front and back office. 

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UK Front Office & Asset Management Salary Survey 2017
This 22-page report from Michael Page details average remuneration (salary plus bonus) for a range of front office banking and fund management positions, including compensation for asset managers, quants, investment strategists, equity analysts, multi-asset portfolio managers, debt and credit analysts, and those in research/strategy and sales/trading roles in the UK. The report also covers private equity, infrastructure and other roles.

UK Investment Management Salary Survey 2017 (Mason Blake)
This survey reveals compensation levels across a variety of investment roles, covering marketing and distribution, investment analysis, finance, risk & compliance, and investment operations. The analysis is split by role and experience.

2017 Salary Guide UK (Morgan McKinley)
This salary survey by Robert McKinley focuses on the UK, specifically the accounting & finance, banking, back office, project management, HR and IT sectors.

Private Capital Compensation Trends in Europe: 2017 (Heidrick & Struggles)
Demand for talent from all subsectors of private capital continued. Over 50% of all respondents had no change in their year-over-year base salary from 2016 to 2017, while 33% reported an increase during the same period.

Asset Management Distribution 2017: Compensation Trends (Heidrick & Struggles)
This report by Heidrick & Struggles includes the results of a wide-ranging survey and presents market insights to help asset management firms build their teams and strategies.

2017 UK Salary Guide - finance, treasury, banking and back office (Robert Half)
This 39-page salary guide from Robert Half shows benchmark levels of compensation for roles within banking and financial services, accounting and finance.

Finance and Accounting: Global Salary Survey 2017 (Robert Walters)
This epic and detailed 400-page report covers data across 24 countries, including Australia and New Zealand, from pages 172-237.

UK Banking Salary & Bonus Guide 2016 (Goodman Masson, Oct 2016)
This guide reveals compensation packages across front office banking, risk management, operations, compliance, accounting and tax roles UK banking.

Nordic Private Capital Compensation Trends 2017 (Heidrick & Struggles)
This report highlights the responses about salaries, bonuses, and carried interest plans from more than 100 private capital professionals working in the Nordic countries.

UK Investment Bank salaries for analysts and associates, by bank (2017)
This article from Financial News reports on levels of salary and bonus, bank-by-bank, following the most recent bonus round. Compensation is shown across a variety of tiers of analyst and associate grades.

Ireland: 2017 Financial Services Salary Guide
This 25-page report from the panel surveys the salary marketplace across a variety of rolesm including those in Funds & Investment Management, Banking & Treasury.

Financial Services Compensation 2017 Q3 Trends and Projections (Johnson Assoc)
After the third quarter, Johnson Associates projects a broad increase in incentive compensation across financial services. Incentive compensation for asset management is expected to be up noticeably.

How much you should earn as an investment banker in your 20s, 30s and 40s (2017)
This compensation chart from Financial News provides benchmark salary levels. It covers investment banking division jobs, using data from Dartmouth Partners and Arkesden.

UK Banking Salary & Bonus Guide 2016 (Goodman Masson, Oct 2016)
This guide reveals compensation packages across front office banking, risk management, operations, compliance, accounting and tax roles UK banking.

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