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Salaries: Pensions Industry (Worldwide) – Q4 2022

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  • 02 Nov 2022
  • Updated 17 Jan 2023

Benchmark Yourself with these Global Salary Surveys

In the list below, you will find surveys of salaries from a range of roles across the pensions industry, including directors and CIOs.

Salaries for pensions managers and other professional pensions industry roles are often hard to find, but the Savvy Investor Content Team has been scouring the web to bring you this list of salary surveys for pensions manager jobs around the world. If you become aware of any other surveys of salaries in pensions-related careers, please do let us know. We aim to update this list of salaries for pensions industry jobs on a quarterly basis.

smart suit pension salary surveys


UK Pensions, Financial Planning, and Compliance Salary Guide (Recruit UK, 2022)

For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in the United Kingdom

Are you confident enough that you’re being remunerated fairly, based on your location? Are you a firm looking to develop your talent strategy? This finance salary guide will give you the benchmark you need.

UK Banking & Asset Management Salary Survey 2021 (Page Executive)

This brief, 3-page summary document by Page Executive provides important insights into salary and benefits packages for the banking and asset management industries.

2021 UK Pension Roles and Adviser Salary Survey (Recruit UK)

Recruit UK's 2021 report is a survey of salaries at UK pensions, as well as financial adviser and paraplanner salaries. It also contains some key trends for the UK market.


U.S. Financial Services Compensation Guide (Johnson Associates, Mar 2022)

Major 2021 key takeaways are that incentives are up as impact of pandemic continues affecting back to work and employee fatigue accumulates. Moreover, there is an optimistic 'bubble' in financial services and the broader economy, which is building base salary pressures at year-end.

CalPERS Investment Positions Compensation Review (Global Governance Advisors, 2022)

The California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS) asked McLagan to assemble competitive compensation data for investment management positions from its board-approved compensation comparator group.

Texas Public Pension Salaries (Texas Tribune)

The Texas Tribune reports on salaries for pension management professionals within the Employees Retirement System of Texas for the 2020 fiscal year.

U.S. Actuarial Salaries: Survey results (Actuarial Careers Inc, 2021)

Actuarial Careers' Salary Survey responses are detailed here. The survey questionnaire responses were combined with details obtained from actual placement data and reformatted into several highly interactive charts.

Pension Actuary Salary Survey (S.C. International, 2021)

S.C. International lists a table of U.S. pension actuarial salaries.

U.S. Actuarial Salary Survey: Pensions actuaries & others (DW Simpson, 2021)

DW Simpson’s Actuarial Salary Survey contains information obtained from normal business operations. The survey covers actuarial roles across a range of business lines and incorporates international data.

U.S. Actuarial Salary Survey (Ezra Penland, 2021)

Ezra Penland’s Actuarial Recruitment survey offers in-depth insight into a wide variety of actuarial employment roles and which cover a broad range of remuneration packages.


Australian Super Salaries: CIO and CEO salary survey (Investment Magazine, 2022)

Details of salaries for senior roles in Australian super funds are outlined in this article from Investment magazine.

2022 Super Fund Salary Survey (Investment Magazine)

For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in certain geographies

In a period described by some analysts as “the hardest time ever to be an investor” it’s probably not surprising that aggregate pay for the top ten highest paid superannuation industry CIOs increased.