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Private Equity Salaries – what are you worth?

Private Equity salary surveys – by job type and seniority (2019 Q3 update)

Savvy Investor curates the best white papers and institutional investment content from across the web and tailors your own experience to match your unique interests within the institutional investment industry.  Historically, some of our most viewed papers have been surveys of compensation packages across a variety of asset management roles. Here are the most recent surveys on private equity salaries. 


An inside look at how much VC and PE investors are making (Pitchbook/J.Thelander, 2018)

How much money do investors in the private markets make? The answer to that question depends on the type of investment firm and the particular investor's role. It's safe to say a managing partner at a private equity firm brings in more cash compensation than an associate, for instance. But for more specific information, we've teamed with J.Thelander Consulting to provide hard-to-find compensation data on people who work for PE and VC firms.

2018 North American Private Equity Compensation Survey (Heidrick & Struggles)

This 40-page report from Heidrick & Struggles dices the data in a variety of ways, showing base, bonus and carry by AUM and showing how compensation varies across different roles and lengths of experience.

2018 European Private Capital Compensation Survey (Heidrick & Struggles)

This is the 6th annual survey of European private capital compensation, providing insight into base, bonus, and carry details by fund size, by investment strategy, and sorted by length of experience.

Asia Pacific Private Capital Compensation Survey 2017-2018

This survey from Heidrick & Struggles compares salary and bonus for analysts, associates, VPs, principals and partners working in Private Equity in the Asia Pacific region.

Preqin Special Report: Private Capital Compensation and Employment, Mar 2018

This report by Preqin explores the compensation and employment trends emerging in the world of private capital. 65% of firms expect to increase the size of their workforce in 2018, proving the demand for talent continues to grow. To receive the latest research reports and communications from Preqin direct to your inbox, click here to subscribe.

Private equity: What do LPs think of the talent within GPs? (2018)

In today’s market of everincreasing dry powder and high valuations, institutional investors (limited partners, or LPs) are increasingly scrutinizing their relationships with fund managers (general partners, or GPs), and talent remains at the core of most investment decisions. In a crowded environment, GPs face unprecedented scrutiny and increasing pressure to justify their fees and position their strategies and teams accurately. As interest rates and deal multiples continue to climb, it will only get harder for GPs to create value. And forwardlooking LPs are increasingly aware of the critical role that talent assessment plays in their own investment strategies.

Nordic Private Capital Compensation Trends 2017 (Heidrick & Struggles)

For its inaugural report in the Nordic region, Heidrick & Struggles invited investment professionals working at private capital firms in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden to participate in an online compensation survey conducted in December 2016. This report highlights the responses about salaries, bonuses, and carried interest plans from more than 100 private capital professionals.

UK Banking & Asset Management Salary Survey 2019 (Page Group)

This 20-page document by Page Executive provides important insights into salary and benefits packages for the banking and asset management industries.

Salaries for fundraising and asset gathering investment professionals (Emolument)

Emolument reports that the average salary for a VP in a Asset Gathering/Fundraising role is $123,000 per year.

Changing Pay Fundamentals and 2018 Recap (Johnson Associates)

This report by Johnson Associates presents some of the changing industry incentives being employed by financial services firms in the United States. It focuses specifically on the asset management and private equity industries.

2018 U.S. Financial Services Compensation (Johnson Associates)

This report by Johnson Associates presents the outlook for U.S. financial services compensation. It focuses specifically on the asset management and private equity industries.

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