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Private Equity and VC - Articles & White Papers

Research papers and articles on private equity and venture capital. This section contains both private equity research for pension funds (and other asset owners) and white papers for private equity professionals. Much of the research for institutional investors covers fundamental topics: What are the characteristics of private equity investment? How does one invest in private equity? How does an allocation to private equity impact the risk-return profile of a fund? How does private equity co-investment work? How does one invest in the PE secondary markets? How can smaller investors access private equity? Other PE and VC research is for those in the private equity industry - advice for managing a private equity business, how the private equity industry is changing, how to integrate ESG into private equity, private equity taxation and of course private equity salary surveys. Other reports and white papers on private equity consider the rise of EM private equity, particularly in African and Asian markets. Also discussed is the best path to achieve early stage funding, and the ongoing debate of venture capital versus crowdfunding. Other articles look into leveraged buyouts, illiquidity, and the rise of shareholder activism.
  • Michael Page

    UK Front Office Banking & Asset Management Salary Survey 2017

    This 22 page report from Michael Page details average remuneration (salary plus bonus) for a range of front office banking and fund management positions, including compensation for asset managers, quants, investment strategists, equity analysts, multi-asset portfolio managers, debt and credit analysts, and those in research/strategy and sales/trading roles in the UK. The ...

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  • eVestment

    Private Markets Due Diligence Survey 2018 (eVestment)

    Now in its third year, eVestment's 2018 Private Markets Due Diligence survey explores the perspectives and practices of investors, consultants and fund managers on a range of topics related to the due diligence and fundraising process. The findings highlight that despite the desire for increased exposure to private markets funds, investors are not loosening due diligence ...

  • Preqin

    Private Debt Spotlight (Preqin, Feb 2018)

    This month’s Spotlight covers the 2017 Fundraising Market, Investment Consultant Outlook for 2018, Industry News, Largest Fund Managers, How Investors Source and Select Funds, and much more! To receive Preqin’s free monthly newsletters directly in your inbox, simply click here to ...

  • eVestment

    Enhancing Private Equity Manager Selection with Deeper Data (eVestment)

    The importance of selecting top quartile private equity funds has never been more clear – there is a significant cost of not being in these funds and historically those below the top quartile have not materially outperformed public markets. This white paper explores the research and data behind why top quartile returns are in the hands of the investor and presents advice and ...

  • Heidrick & Struggles

    2016 Europe & Africa Private Capital Compensation Survey

    This survey reveals compensation levels across the Private Equity industry, by base, bonus and carry. The numbers are spliced and diced based on role, experience and other factors. Respondents represent a cross-section of the private equity value chain and include fund-raising, infrastructure (e.g. general counsel, finance & HR), and operating professionals.

  • Value Creation 2.0: A Framework for Measuring Value Creation in Private Equity Investment (INSEAD, 2016)

    The authors of this report begin by discussing the standard framework used by Private Equity practitioners to measure Value Creation sources. They review individual drivers of value identified in academic literature, then they explore different methods developed since the financial crisis to spot sources of PE returns more clearly.

  • Cambridge Associates

    Private Equity - the Co-Investment Opportunity (2015)

    Co-investing strategies are gaining favour. They, in theory, can provide institutional investors with higher returns and lower fees. This 29-page report from Cambridge Associates examines co-investing; the opportunities presented and the pitfalls to be avoided. The paper suggests that, although implementation must be undertaken carefully, co-investment returns do have the potential ...

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  • What is Mezzanine Financing? (Pricoa Capital, Apr 2018)

    Named for its place in the capital structure, mezzanine financing is a form of junior capital that sits between senior debt financing and equity. It is the last stop along the capital structure where business-owners can raise sizeable amounts of liquidity without selling a large stake in their company.

  • Preqin

    Preqin Fund Manager Outlook: Alternative Assets, H1 2018

    This report by Preqin has been published specifically for Savvy Investor members! It surveys over 550 private capital firms and 360 hedge funds to compile the most comprehensive fund manager outlook report covering the alternative assets industry. Key findings include market overview for each asset class, key challenges, deal flow and competition, fund manager views and ...

  • CFA Institute Research Foundation

    Alternative Investments: A Primer for Investment Professionals (CFA Institute Research Foundation, 2018)

    This publication has been authored by CAIA and published by CFA Institute Research Foundation. It provides an overview of alternative investments for an institutional asset allocator or overseer of a portfolio containing both traditional and alternative assets. It is designed to build on the reader’s existing knowledge by providing essential information about the ...

  • Bain & Company

    Global Private Equity Report 2018 (Bain & Company)

    Bain & Company presents their flagship Global Private Equity Report for 2018, complete with a summary of PE activity in 2017, the implications of the flood of capital that was raised for buyouts, and stiff competition pushing up valuations. The new US tax policy is discussed, and the ways in which it is likely to affect the PE industry. Additional sections include a spotlight on ...

  • Preqin

    Preqin Investor Outlook: Alternative Assets H1 2018

    Find out the latest on your peers’ appetite for private equity, venture capital, hedge funds, real estate, infrastructure, private debt and natural resources in the Preqin Investor Outlook: Alternative Assets, H1 2018. Featuring the findings of extensive surveys with 550 institutional investors, the report examines investor activity and challenges in 2018, levels of ...

  • McKinsey & Company

    The rise and rise of private markets (McKinsey & Company, 2018)

    This is the 2018 edition of McKinsey’s annual review of private markets. To produce it, we have developed new analyses drawn from our long-running research on private markets, based on the industry’s leading sources of data. We have also conducted interviews with executives at some of the world’s largest and most inf luential GPs and LPs. Finally, we have gathered ...

  • Barings

    The Art of Originating & Sourcing Private Assets (Barings)

    Since there is no “formal” market where buyers and sellers of private assets can interact, the ability to originate and/or source deals and transactions is critical to successful investment in these assets. So, where and how are deals to be found? What does it take to generate a continuous pipeline of high-quality transactions? And most importantly, how can this ...

  • State Street Corporation

    Alternative Asset Management: Adapting for Growth (State Street)

    As the investment industry environment transforms faster than ever before, alternative asset managers’ ability to adapt their business models is being tested in the extreme. Institutional investors now outweigh high-net-worth individuals as a source of hedge fund capital, and they continue to grow their allocations in other unlisted assets. This influx of institutional money, ...

  • World Economic Forum

    Beyond Fintech: A Pragmatic Assessment of Disruptive Potential in Financial Services (WEF, 2017)

    Split into three parts, this report examines how technology is reshaping the financial services (finserv) ecosystem. Part 1 lays out the foundation for understanding the transformative potential of new entrants and innovations on finserv business models. Part 2 aims to illustrate the role of financial infrastructure in enabling the future of financial services. And finally, Part 3 ...

  • Willis Towers Watson

    Global Alternatives Survey 2017: Including the top alternative asset manager rankings (Willis Towers Watson)

    This 95-page report presents the findings of the 2017 Global Alternatives Survey by Willis Towers Watson. Section 1 of the report delves into recent trends and activities in different alternative asset classes, for example, hedge funds, private equity, real estate, infrastructure, and more. Section 2 lists the Top 100 alternative asset managers by AuM around the world.

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