Cleantech Investing

Cleantech Investing - Articles & White Papers

Research and white papers on cleantech investing. Institutional investment in cleantech is often considered a sub-category of private equity, but we have categorised it separately in order to include a variety of other clean technology issues. The institutional investor response to the issue of climate change will vary from one fund to another, but the Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change (IIGCC) has written guides which aim to provide end investors with strategies and solutions to invest responsibly. ...

White papers on global trends in renewable energy investment have proved popular in this section, as have those on green infrastructure investments and green investments in general. Other articles and reports cover asset allocation to cleantech, sustainable investing and energy efficiency investments. White papers on fossil fuel divestment have been well received, which is why coal divestment, low carbon indexes and carbon risk factors are hot topics of conversation in this section. Investment consultants' advice on green investments is considered in the context of "stranded advice". Long-term value creation in cleantech investing remains important to investors and papers which explain the pure investment rationale for cleantech, or sustainable investing, will strike a chord with many investors. One paper even examines whether there may be a carbon risk factor now at work, which could be incorporated into factor models.

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