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2019 ESG and Responsible Investment Trends

2019 Environmental, Social, and Governance Trends

Many investors may feel that 2018 was a year in which ESG issues were brought to the foreground, with several reports echoing the urgent need to address climate-related risks and leaders of large, public corporations ousted due to poor corporate governance.  But will ESG awareness remain as prevalent within the investment management community in 2019? 

MSCI's 2019 ESG paper brings to light five trends - the need to eliminate plastic waste, ESG regulations affecting corporations and investment managers, climate risk, deriving ESG signals from data sources, and combatting the propensity for corporate scandal through diversity and governance leadership.

2019 esg trends

2019 ESG Trends to Watch (MSCI)

Actions taken today could make the difference tomorrow for several of the ESG trends that MSCI illuminates for 2019.

Video: 2019 Responsible Investing Themes with Calvert's John Streur

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In this video, John Streur, President and CEO at Calvert Research and Management, discusses responsible investing trends for 2019.

Populism will change corporate purpose for good (Fidelity Intl blog, 2019)

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Populist movements will drive corporate stakeholders to move from shareholder value maximisation to a more comprehensive and sustainable approach.

The Evolving Future of Fiduciary Duty in an ESG World (CFA Institute, 2018)

This report is based on a survey of 24000 EU-based CFA Institute members and their opinions about ESG factors in investment management, fiduciary duty, and other sustainable investing issues.

The Corporate Governance of Listed Companies: A Manual for Investors (CFA Institute, 2018)

CFA Institute's latest version of this manual provides updates on corporate governance issues such as codes of ethics, board independence, and hiring external consultants.

ESG for EMD: Toward Best Practice (Neuberger Berman blog, Jan 2019)

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Neuberger Berman presents their best practices for integrating ESG into emerging markets debt (especially corporate bond) strategies, including a variety of ESG indicators.

Integrating ESG into fixed income investments: the data challenge (HSBC GAM, Jan 2019)

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The authors describe how ESG issues can affect a company's fundamentals and explain how analyzing ESG issues can better highlight risks and warning signals within corporations.

2018 ESG Survey (Callan)

In May 2018, Callan surveyed 89 US institutional funds on their approach to ESG factors when evaluating investments, finding that ESG integration is on the rise.

Driving Change: Diversity & Inclusion in Investment Management (CFA Institute, 2018)

Investment firms must focus on their people model in order to attract the best talent. This report asks what an inclusive and diverse work culture looks like within the investment industry and how it can be manifested.

The Global Gender Gap Report (WEF, 2018)

This report benchmarks 149 countries on gender parity (and their progress towards it). This year’s edition also studies skills gender gaps related to Artificial Intelligence.

Climate Investment Opportunities in Cities (IFC, 2018)

The IFC describes new, innovative models that cities can deploy to narrow the financing gap for climate-smart investments such as green buildings, water and waste management, and electric vehicles.

Global Renewable Energy Trends: Solar and wind move from mainstream to preferred (Deloitte, 2018)

This 29-page report by Deloitte delves into the world of global renewable energy and examines industry trends, particularly the rise of solar and wind.