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Global Strategy Outlook - Articles & White Papers

The Savvy Investor Global Strategy outlook section consists of the latest reports, articles and white papers on the variables influencing the asset allocation decisions of the global multi-asset institutional investor.

Global strategists’ study and monitor the market variables that determine asset prices around the world. A global strategist recommends which assets to invest client money in and in what proportion. Monitored asset classes will primarily include equities, bonds, and real estate. However, alternative assets such as hedge funds, commodities, private equity, gold, and currencies may also be reviewed...


By continuously studying asset prices and their performance, the global strategist can determine the optimum risk adjusted exposure to each asset class in a portfolio. In turn, this helps him or her to establish a portfolio’s overall asset allocation. As market conditions and global asset prices are subject to change, asset allocation may be amended on a short-term basis. This is known as tactical asset allocation.

Since global strategy tends to be longer-term in nature, Savvy Investor’s Global Strategy white papers and articles aim to analyse the structural and cyclical trends that shape portfolio asset allocation. These trends, which can be societal, cultural and demographic, have a financial impact on economies as well as asset prices. 

For asset allocators with a global investment remit, articles on the relative value of equity markets, as measured by the Shiller P/E together with research on FX hedging costs, are required reading and are especially relevant for managers wishing to model capital return assumptions in constant currency terms.

For institutional managers wishing to keep up to date with Global Strategy commentary and data, our curated content from fund houses, asset managers and investment consultants includes:

Alpha Trading Strategies pertains to:

  • CIO commentary on market moves
  • Asset allocation summaries
  • Overweight/underweight summaries
  • Asset class performance/expected returns data
  • Economic data
  • Industry fund flow data
  • Volatility data
  • Factor performance data

Depending on the authoring fund house or asset manager, the subject matter above is published either weekly, monthly and or quarterly. Members can also read the latest global strategy news and read reports associated with a specific theme e.g., Lazard’s Case for European Equities or Intech Janus Henderson’s Perspective on the Current Stability of Global Equity Markets.

In addition to featuring in-depth white papers and industry articles, Savvy Investor will also link to video and podcast interviews with renowned thought leaders in the Global Strategy arena. 

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