Commodity Markets Outlook

Commodity Markets Outlook - Articles & White Papers

Professional research, academic articles and white papers on the outlook for commodity markets - including the outlook for gold, the precious metals outlook, the outlook for soft commodities, the outlook for the oil price and energy price forecasts. This section includes not just analysis of commodity markets but also research on practical and theoretical issues relating to commodities, for example...

, research on the history of real commodity prices in the long run and on commodity super-cycles with more than a century of data. In this section there are links to academic studies that every commodity investor should read. Papers cover alternative beta strategies in commodities, value and momentum in commodities, the fundamentals of returns in the commodity futures markets, alpha generation in commodities markets and on seasonal effects in commodity forwards - some truly fascinating research for anyone investing in the commodity asset class. The most recent commodity super-cycle, brilliantly flagged by Jim Rogers, saw the fictionalisation of commodities, with index investment in commodities becoming a new option for asset allocators. This section also holds some great, periodic reports on the commodities complex. Judith Ganes-Chase's monthly report "hard facts on soft commodities" is the best in its field. Deloitte occasionally produce a great paper, such as the one on Iran's return to world oil markets, while OPEC's monthly oil market report has some great detail.

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