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Watch Roger Aliaga-Díaz, Ph.D., Vanguard Chief Economist for the Americas and Global Head of Portfolio Construction, and Andrew J. Patterson, CFA, Senior International Economist, conduct a live discussion on:

  • Where the global economy and capital markets might be headed
  • Why rates across the globe are staying higher for longer
  • How equities outside the U.S. might outperform over the coming decade
  • Insights into the proprietary models that inform Vanguard’s outlooks
  • What it all could mean for strategic asset allocation

Vanguard’s Investment Strategy Group continuously analyzes macroeconomic and microeconomic dynamics playing out across the global landscape. They provide perspectives and projections on monetary policy, market conditions, and related investment considerations, which can help inform strategic asset allocation decisions. But what are the drivers underlying these views, and how do the team arrive at these projections? Roger and Andrew answer these questions and many more.