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IMH is organising the International Compliance Forum to discuss the latest challenges facing the global compliance and ethics community. The Forum is intended as a platform to help facilitate discussions on the benefits of compliance management in business and more importantly, the return on investment of compliance. This year’s Forum will welcome a number of high-caliber international speakers who will discuss the changing role of compliance over the years, and how effective compliance management can lead businesses into the future.

Focus on practically implementing sustainability and interest from a strategic point of view is the new corporate trend! In order to effectively address sustainability challenges the compliance function has probably the most important role to play. Businesses must ensure that stakeholder demands and regulatory requirements are incorporated within a framework of primary support of the environment and society. The ability to create real and sustainable corporate value has to be filtered via specific ESG criteria and performance indicators and the compliance functions has responsibility to provide that assurance! Especially nowadays, it is imperative for business leaders to deal with emerging risks in a post-pandemic, post-war environment. Companies must discern what compliance can do to help them grow sustainably while avoiding financial and reputational risks.