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The Catalyst Cap Intro: High Alpha Funds – New York is an alternative strategies event focusing on managers showing high absolute returns. The event is investor driven and transactional in scope, hosting investment managers and institutional grade investors.

High Alpha Funds are characterized by employing innovative investment strategies by some of the smartest investment teams using best-in-class operational standards. Strategies covered include: CTA/Commodities, Quants & Options, Crypto & Blockchain, HFT, Real estate and RE debt, Emerging Markets, L/S Equity, Credit & Distressed and more. For investors the challenge continues to be a multi-narrative market, with lingering Covid effects, immense inflation pressures, and the Ukraine war dislocating markets.  A global slowdown or even recession may well occur in 2023, if not sooner. All this means opportunities for savvy investment managers. 

This New York Winter 2022 Catalyst Cap Intro Event is live, in-person, where managers give presentations during lunch, followed by private meetings.