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This Catalyst Cap Intro Event is a highly focused selected strategies event. The event is investor driven and transactional in scope, hosting investment managers and institutional grade investors that are introduced to each other with a view to become investment partners.

This summer 2023 Catalyst Cap Intro Event focuses on L/S Equity and Quantitative investing strategies. Strategies covered include: Systematic equity, Fundamental & Research, Emerging Markets, Value/Growth, High frequency trading, Market neutral, Stat arb, Vol arb, Pure Arb, A.I. models, Intangible assets trading, Overlay strategies, CTAs, Options and futures, Currencies, Crypto & Blockchain and more. Managers typically offer their products through investment funds, but also SMAs or advisory features.

The event is live, in-person, where managers give presentations during lunch, followed by private meetings. The event concludes with a networking reception.