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This Catalyst Cap Intro Event is a highly focused selected strategies event. The event is investor driven and transactional in scope, hosting investment managers and institutional grade investors that are introduced to each other with a view to become investment partners.

This winter 2023 Catalyst Cap Intro Event focuses on Commodities and Energy investing strategies. Strategies covered include: Food stuffs, Precious metals, Battery & Industrial metals, Carbon (off-set) markets, Oil, Gas, Futures & Options, CTAs, Refineries, Renewable & Sustainable Energies, Nuclear Power and& Next Gen Energy, and more. Managers typically offer their products through investment funds, but also SMAs or advisory features

      The event will discuss, among other topics, the immense volatility in commodity sectors such as oil & gas, wheat, metals, and the implications for investors. The challenge is a multi-narrative market, with lingering Covid effects, immense inflation pressures, and Ukraine war dislocations continuing to wreak havoc in the commodity and energy markets.