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Investment Marketing Bundle: News, Resources and Tips & Tricks

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  • 20 Nov 2020
  • Updated 26 Nov 2020

It's marketing planning season! 

Is it that time of year already? Before focusing on what's next, why not recap on what amazing work you've done this year and enter into the 'Marketing Response to Coronavirus Award'? The submission only requires 500 words, but needs to be emailed to by Friday 4 December. For more information see below. 

Here we've compiled a list of useful resources to help inform your strategies and 2021 campaigns. Of particular interest may be the Association of Investment Marketer's virtual event on 'Content that Converts', or Visible Thread's report evaluating the clarity of asset managers' website content. McKinsey & Company's forward look at the evolving marketing industry landscape is especially useful for those who are planning to shake things up next year.


Investment Marketing Resources 2020


ENTER NOW: The Marketing Response to Coronavirus Award – Deadline closes 4 Dec 2020 (Savvy Awards)

Savvy has extended the deadline for investment marketers to enter the 'Marketing Response to Coronavirus Award'. This blog details all the information you need on the submission, judging criteria and shortlist process. You only need 500 words and links to your content or campaign for the submission. So enter before it's too late!

Virtual Event 26 Nov 2020, 8.30am GMT: Content that Converts (Association of Investment Marketers)

Sign up for the latest Speaker Series edition from the Association of Investment Marketers on all things content. This virtual event will focus on how to engage and influence institutional investors through content creation, content marketing and distribution.

Virtual Event 27 Nov 2020, 2.00pm GMT: Raising Assets With Digital Marketing

Sign up for ProFund's virtual event looking at the benefits of a digital marketing solution that is integrated, including a discussion on data, multi-channel tracking, reporting, and drip automation.


Reimagining Marketing: Marketing in the next normal (McKinsey & Company, 2020)

This 54-page report from McKinsey & Company looks at how COVID-19 has changed the landscape for the marketing industry. It addresses performance branding, modern marketing, and the future of brand strategy, among other topics.

2020 Asset Management Clarity Report (Visible Thread, 2020)

In their review of 60 of the world's largest asset management firms, Visible Thread concludes that websites remain harder to read than Moby Dick, complex word density has barely improved, and sentence length is still five times the recommended level. Where does your firm stand?

Case Study: How Skipton’s marketers used insight to win over its leadership team (Marketing Week, 2020)

Ever struggled to get senior buy-in for a brand initiative or budget? Learn from industry peers in this case study from Marketing Week showing the ingenuity of the marketing team at Skipton Building Society.

Financial Marketing News and Stories (Marketing Week)

Stay up to date using this content hub with the most recent stories, insight, and news from the investment marketing industry.

Top 100 Marketers in Financial Services (Campaign, 2020)

Celebrate your peers and check out who made the top ten in this year's 100 Marketers in Financial Services.

Salaries in the Asset Management and Pensions Industries (updated Q4 2020)

Benchmark yourself using this list of the latest salaries and remuneration from across the financial services industry, curated by Savvy Investor.


8 Bits of Financial Jargon That Must Go — But Won’t (CopyLab, 2020)

All good investment writers do their best to avoid using jargon where necessary. Though sometimes, jargon IS necessary. CopyLab talks through the words they wish would go, but probably won't.

Step-by-Step Checklist for Document Accessibility (Kurtosys Systems, 2020)

Are your documents truly accessible? Kurtosys summarises their top ten best practices for ensuring that your content is truly reader-friendly.

5 Tactics for Financial Marketers to Boost Newsletter Subscriptions (The Dubs, 2020)

Nurture marketing is all about the email newsletter. Especially during times like these when we're working from home and in-person events aren't possible. The Dubs offers five tactics for engaging through email to maintain and grow newsletter open rates.

Five Tips for Developing Regulation-Focused Campaigns (FinTech Marketing, 2020)

Financial regulation presents many challenges for marketers. Laura Bowden, Content Marketing Consultant and Writer, offers her top tips and best practices on how to stay nimble, get ahead, and diversify efforts while still providing clients with everything they need.

10 Tips for Creating Video (White Marble Marketing, 2020)

Video is integral to a successful content marketing strategy, but how do you get it right? White Marble Marketing provides their ten top tips for creating video content.

Reaching Investors Through Financial Media (Peregrine Communications, 2020)

Peregrine Communications provides insight into the world of being a financial journalist and details some of the most successful methods for engaging with, and being picked up by, the media.

Is Investment Content More Important Now Than Ever Before? (Wealth Dynamix, 2020)

What's the recipe for content success? There are three key steps: get personal, focus on the readers' visual experience, and enrich your campaign.

Inside The SEO Industry (Straight North, 2020)

SEO best practices and Google's algorithms are constantly changing. But it's important to stay up to date. In this blog, Straight North outlines some of the key changes to be aware of and provides a list of other helpful SEO articles