Risk and Portfolio Construction

Risk and Portfolio Construction - Articles & White Papers

White papers and articles on portfolio construction and risk management for investment managers. Maintaining an appropriately diversified portfolio, managing portfolio risk, and controlling the risk/reward characteristics of a fund are essential basics for money managers. Academic papers on portfolio optimization are particularly helpful in this regard. The most frequently downloaded...

research in this section relates to reports on measuring investment risk, for instance: analysis of the time horizon over which risk is best estimated, and using risk factors as building blocks for portfolio diversification. Papers on tracking error have been well received as have papers on tail risk and fat tails. A number of articles in this section argue the case for concentrated portfolios and a need for more active management. Surveys on risk management and risk management systems have proved popular, enabling members to understand the risk practices employed by their peers. Other research on portfolio risk in this section includes papers on low volatility investing, equity risk premia, risk parity, models for forecasting asset class risk and the capital asset price model (CAPM).

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