Quantitative Methods

Quantitative Methods - Articles & White Papers

Professional and academic papers using quantitative methods. All of the research in this section is either about the use of quant techniques, or uses quant methodology (mathematical formulae) within the text. The most viewed quant research in this section are papers focused on alpha strategies, particularly for tactical asset allocation. A key issue for quant analysts here is the robustness and validity of the quant model. One paper refers to the risk of "pseudo-mathematics" and "financial charlatanism", when data is...

mined to conceive spurious relationships which don't survive out-of-sample. Therefore, quant papers providing a statistical framework for assessing the robustness of quantitative models (and reducing the risk of overfitting) have generated a lot of interest. Our most downloaded quant research in this section includes papers on risk estimation, performance attribution, big data and risk premia. Other popular reports and white papers cover risk factors and smart beta / scientific beta / alternative beta.

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