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Canadian Pension Funds - Articles & White Papers

An aggregation of the best Canadian pensions research and white papers of interest to Canadian Pension Funds. The research papers listed cover all types of Canadian pensions funds (both DB and DC pensions). On the defined benefits isde, the most popular Canadian DB pensions research papers are those which focus on Canadian pensions funding, Canadian pensions risk management, valuation methods and assumptions used by Canadian DB pension funds. White papers or research on Canadian DC pensions covers a variety of topics, with researchers...

divided on whether the level of Canadian pensions saving is adequate or sustainable. Research which examine the costs of Canada's mutual fund-based retirement system has been particularly well engaged with by pensions investors. Globally, Canadian pension funds have been ahead of the game (comparatively) in view of their investment in infrastructure, and a research study examining the lessons learned for other pension funds investing in infrastructure has been one of our best papers. One of the most popular papers, perhaps unsurprisngly, is research conducted by the Canadian CFA of salaries for Canadian pensions and investment professionals (CFA Charterholders).

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