SWFs and Central Banks

SWFs and Central Banks - Articles & White Papers

Institutional research and articles covering issues of interest to the sovereign wealth fund (SWF) and central bank communities. The most viewed research on SWFs includes white papers on models for managing sovereign wealth and the role of SWFs in financial markets. Also popular are reports on sovereign-asset liability management and long-term investing. Other popular papers include...

those on the rise of Asian Sovereign Wealth Funds, such as Temasek, and the entry of resource-rich economies and other emerging sovereign wealth funds. All SWFs receive a ranking from the Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute, and this has been a popular link from the site, providing details of the size of sovereign funds by AUM, the source of SWF funds and a ranking of the transparency of the fund. Other papers focus specifically on individual SWFs, such as the Norwegian Government Pension Fund, the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA), China Investment Corporation (CIC) or the Australian Future Fund. The contentious issue of SWF regulation is examined in this section, along with surveys which reveal how SWFs allocate to specific asset classes such as hedge funds, private equity or real estate.

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