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Stocks and Sectors Outlook - Articles & White Papers

Whilst our "Global Strategy Outlook" section considers equities at a broad market level, our "Stocks and Sectors Outlook" section is for investment research which includes commentary about individual stocks, or analysis at the industry sector level. Among the most popular articles and reports in this section are those that cover IPO trends, volatility, M&A, REIT valuations, value versus growth, low volatility portfolios, the real estate sector and the resource sector.
  • Citi

    Disruptive Innovations IV: Ten More Things to Stop and Think About (Citi, 2016)

    • 21 Nov 2016
    • Company: Citi

    The fourth in a series from Citi GPS, this edition examines 10 more innovative technologies and new products which are disrupting their sectors. This edition covers:

    1. Big Data Disruption - The Big Data Revolution in Energy
    2. Contextual Commerce - What is Contextual Commerce?
    3. Direct-to-Consumer Marketplace - Another Threat to ...

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  • QMA

    Start of Something Big: Demystifying the Source of Large Alpha in Small Caps (QMA)

    • 24 Jan 2017
    • Company: QMA

    In a world where alpha can seem scarce, active small-cap managers continue to outperform their benchmarks in an impressive way. But why? Investors have a general sense small caps are riskier and less efficient, but how these characteristics contribute to more alpha opportunities remains unclear. At QMA, we think it’s critical to understand the sources of returns so that you ...

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  • Invesco (Europe)

    Risk & Reward: The Theory and Practice of Portfolio Insurance (Invesco, 2017)

    This issue of "Risk & Reward" examines the theory and practice of portfolio insurance: to achieve their goals, many investors are allocating towards more risky assets. In many cases, these investors can quickly find themselves in a tight spot if the risk budget is not expanded accordingly. This is where portfolio insurance can come into play. But, which strategy ...

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  • T. Rowe Price

    Global Equities: The Changing Face of Value (T. Rowe Price, Nov 2016)

    For many value investors, the last few years have proved to be a challenging period given a backdrop of low growth, structural change in China, elevated macroeconomic risks, and bouts of volatility. This environment has led to a dominance of growth and quality factors, creating a meaningful headwind for value-oriented stocks.

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  • The ongoing influence of DB pensions on the market valuation of the Pension Plan Sponsor (2016)

    This study by Llewellyn Consulting, on behalf of Pension Insurance Corporation, provides important updates on the impact of Defined Benefit pension schemes on the share price of the FTSE 100 sponsoring company. The findings provide further evidence of the significant and ongoing downward pressure that DB pension liabilities and pension deficits have on the market values of FTSE 100 ...

  • William Blair

    Global Market Outlook for 2018: An End or a Beginning? (William Blair)

    2017 was a particularly strong year, with broad growth and low inflation creating an almost perfect environment for equity investors. Technology was a significant part of that story. Bitcoin reached $17,000, an increase of over 1,600% since January 1. China, which is transforming into one of the most innovative countries in the world, had one of the most interesting runs we have ...

  • McKinsey & Company

    AI: The Next Digital Frontier? (McKinsey & Co, 2017)

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is ready for business but is business ready for AI? This McKinsey paper examines investment in AI, describing how it is being deployed by companies that have started to use these technologies across sectors. It aims to explore AI's potential to become a major business disrupter.

  • Citi

    Solutions for the Global Water Crisis: The End of 'Free and Cheap' Water (Citi, 2017)

    • 09 May 2017
    • Company: Citi

    Over the years there have been many academic studies, government policies, non-governmental organizations (NGO) reports, industrial plans, and others all focusing on ways to improve the management of water and reduce inefficient water use over time - and yet we are still faced with the problem of a looming global water crisis. So why haven’t we solved this problem? This paper by ...

  • Robeco

    Hedge fund bets show Low Volatility is still far from overcrowded (Robeco, Jan 2017)

    Thorough analysis of hedge fund data shows that, despite their flexible approach to investing, these funds tend to bet strongly against the low-volatility anomaly. This suggests that limits to arbitrage are not the main reason for this anomaly and that the low-volatility trade is still far from being overcrowded.

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    • Hedge funds tend to invest more in ...

  • The Issue of Passporting: UK Financial Sector and EU Integration after Brexit (2016)

    If the UK cannot secure a ‘Norway’ deal and stay within the internal market after Brexit, the UK will lose passporting rights for EU financial services and access to euro clearing and settlement, both of which make London attractive as a financial centre. A substantial part of the UK’s wholesale banking and trading sector may move out. The paper has been authored ...

  • QMA

    Why Equity Investors Should Worry Less About the Fed (QMA, Nov 2016)

    • 14 Nov 2016
    • Company: QMA

    Many investors are eyeing the Fed’s December open market committee meeting as the most likely timing of its first interest rate hike in a year. Some fear a less accommodative Fed could soon be the proverbial straw that breaks the back of a market currently trading at Price to Earnings of around 20 times trailing earnings. QMA’s paper upends the conventional wisdom about ...

  • CFA Institute

    The Shiller CAPE Ratio: A New Look (Financial Analysts Journal, 2016)

    Robert Shiller's CAPE ratio has served as one of the best models for forecasting long-term future stock returns. However, recent future equity return forecasts (using the Shiller CAPE ratio) may be overpessimistic as a result of changes in the computation of GAAP earnings used in the model. This original research was conducted by Jeremy Siegel. It was published in CFA ...

  • Invesco US

    Good news is bad news: Deconstructing the market sell-off (Invesco blog, Feb 2018)

    Weekly Market Compass: ‘Animal spirits’ still matter, but a different animal is making noise today

    By Kristina Hooper, Chief Global Market Strategist

    Stocks globally have experienced more than a week of tumultuous trading, with the US stock market officially in correction territory. And after being relatively sedate for years, the VIX Index has risen ...

  • Hermes Investment Management

    Market Risk Insights: Before the luck runs out (Hermes IM, Feb 2018)

    Polar exploration has been a recurrent theme for Market Risk Insights over the last year or so, perhaps inspired by the parallels investors now face as they trudge out into largely unmapped territory featuring extreme financial conditions. As we enter 2018, global stock indices continue to trek past record highs while investors – at least those with any sense of history ...

  • Invesco US

    Lessons from the stock market sell-off (Invesco blog, Feb 2018)

    Weekly Market Compass: Investors get a stark reminder of the impact of volatility

    By Kristina Hooper, Chief Global Market Strategist

    Last week ended on a bad note. The yield on the 10-year Treasury moved up from 2.695% to 2.852% in just five days, spiking on the release of the US employment situation report for the month of January. Not only did yields globally then ...