Debt and Credit Outlook

Debt and Credit Outlook - Articles & White Papers

White papers and articles relating to the debt and credit outlook; covering sovereign bonds, corporate bonds, municipal fixed income, high yield and index-linked bonds. Amongst the most popular fixed income research in this section are papers on bond market liquidity risk, in particular studies of global financial market liquidity and surveys of long-term US interest rates (why long-term interest rates are so low, etc). White papers on bond market valuation tend to be well received. For example, an analysis of the valuation of...

UK index-linked gilts (why are linkers persistently overvalued?) has been a popular paper. As expected, reports which examine the interest rate outlook have proved popular, particularly those seeking to explain the thought-processes at the FOMC, ECB, BoE, MPC et al. Amongst the periodic fixed income outlook documents on the site, perhaps the most popular is the Prudential Fixed Income Quarterly Outlook and the Goldman Sachs Global Fixed Income Outlook. Practical papers for fixed income fund managers have also proved popular, for instance on managing credit and interest rate risk in the current environment, or the implications of negative yields for fixed income funds.

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