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Stock Selection and Analysis - Conferences

Stock Selection Conferences. Listed here are conferences for equity fund managers. A range of themes are covered of interest to stockpickers, particularly those intended to help equity managers improve their stock selection process, such as the CFA Financial Analysts Seminar and the CFA Equity Research and Valuation event. In fact CFA are key players in this space, running large, educational events in USA, UK and Canada. For quant-oriented managers, conferences on smart beta (alternatively known as scientific beta or fundamental beta) are likely to increasingly feature in the conference calendar; currently these events appear under-represented given the buzz surrounding factor models and smart beta. Topics discussed at these conferences include securities lending, stock analysis, earnings forecasts, portfolio construction issues, fundamental and quantitative analysis, behavioural finance and strategies for alpha generation.

    NPL Greece (Athens) 30-31 May 2018

    • 30 May 2018 - 31 May 2018 
    • Organiser: SmithNovak
    • Athens, Greece

    The Divani Caravel Hotel in Athens will play host to this year’s NPL Greece. SmithNovak is the host of the well-established event, which will take place on the 30th and 31st May 2018. The ...

    Future Stores 2018 (Seattle, WA) 18-21 Jun

    • 18 Jun 2018 - 21 Jun 2018 
    • Organiser: WBR Events
    • Seattle, USA

    WBR Events will host Future Stores 2018 on the 19th and 21st June 2018. The three-day event will take place in Seattle, WA and is sure to attract many inspiring leading industry experts. Leading ...

    Inside ETFs Canada (Montreal) 21-22 Jun 2018

    • 21 Jun 2018 - 22 Jun 2018 
    • Organiser: KNect365
    • Montreal, Canada

    Organised by KNect365, this ETF conference is Canada's leading gathering for ETF investors. The Canadian market has a long and storied history when it comes to ETFs, including being the ...

    CXFS 2018 (Boston, MA) 10-12 Jul

    • 10 Jul 2018 - 12 Jul 2018 
    • Organiser: WBR Events
    • Boston, USA

    WBR Events will host Customer Experience for Financial Services (CXFS) 2018 on the 10th to 12th July. The conference is aimed at CX innovators in finance and will take place in Boston, MA at the ...

    Capital Markets Innovation Summit 2018 (London) 26-27 Sep

    • 26 Sep 2018 - 27 Sep 2018 
    • Organiser: WBR Events
    • London, UK

    The Capital Markets Innovation Summit is the only event for Chief Operating Officers, Chief Information Officers and VPs of Innovation from leading investment banks.

    As the capital markets ...

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    Inside ETFs Europe (London) 1-2 Oct 2018

    • 01 Oct 2018 - 02 Oct 2018 
    • Organiser: KNect365
    • London, UK

    Organised by KNect365, this ETF conference is Europe's leading gathering for ETF investors. It brings together the big investors, cutting-edge innovators, and the brightest minds in Europe to ...

    Inside ETFs Asia (Hong Kong) 6-7 Nov

    • 06 Nov 2018 - 07 Nov 2018 
    • Organiser: KNect365
    • Hong Kong, Hong Kong

    This ETF conference has been organised by KNect365. Themed "Bright Ideas, Big Solutions," the gathering aims to provide ETF investors and other players with a place to discuss, debate, and solve ...