Stock Selection and Analysis

Stock Selection and Analysis - Articles & White Papers

Research and papers relating to stock selection and security analysis. This section includes reports and articles which help fund managers and investment analysts examine their stock selection process. Popular themes in this category include papers on company valuation methods; how to assess equity valuation and identify the best approaches to stock screening; how to use price/book ratio..., PE multiples, PEG ratios, equity cash flow, free cash flow, APV (Adjusted Present Value), economic profit, EVA, dividend discount models, and other metrics. Papers which help equity fund managers use factor-based investing models to build a better beta (smart beta approaches using risk factors to achieve superior returns) are also well read. Other surveys and white papers in this section look at the case for active equity managers, the characteristics (hallmarks) of successful equity managers, how to use big data in stock selection, active versus passive strategies, momentum strategies, trading rules, pairwise correlations and stock volatility.
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