Execution and Exchanges

Execution and Exchanges - Conferences

Conferences for traders and trading venues. This section lists events focused on trade execution, trading platforms and exchanges. Incisive Media and WBR are key players in this space, particularly with respect to trading technology. Incisive Media run the large Waters USA event for technology leaders, and also trading and technology events in the US and UK. WBR run their well-established...

Tradetech events. Incisive Media also runs the Risk Derivatives Clearing conference in London, the Buy-Side Technology North American Summit in New York and the European Trading Architecture Summit in London. The types of themes discussed in these events may include high frequency trading (HFT), dark pools, electronic trading, off-exchange trading and trading costs. The list particularly shows conferences for technology providers, traders (buy-side and sell-side traders), HFT and proprietary traders and stock exchanges and other trading platforms.

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  • 24
    Sep 2024
Frankfurt Regional Meeting 2024

Frankfurt Regional Meeting 2024

Join us at this FIX Trading Community event as we present issues and challenges impacting the electronic trading market in Germany. Hosted by Commerzbank on Tuesday 24th September 2024, the…

  • 16
    Oct 2024
Americas Trading Conference 2024

Americas Trading Conference 2024

Building on the success of the Americas Trading Conferences, the FIX Trading Community returns to New York with a full-day conference this October! Hosted at etc.venues 360 Madison Avenue in…

  • 21
    Nov 2024
France Trading Conference 2024

France Trading Conference 2024

Returning to Paris this year, the FIX Trading Community invites you to attend the France Trading Conference. Taking place at the Étoile Business Center in Paris on Thursday 21st November,…