Execution and Exchanges

Execution and Exchanges - Articles & White Papers

Articles and white papers on trade execution and stock exchanges. Amongst our most popular research in this section are white papers on high-frequency trading (HFT), covering for instance, "high-frequency trading and dark pools" and HFT from an asset manager's perspective. Reports on dark pools of liquidity is well featured, highlighting a need to understand dark pools in equity trading...

, but also reflecting concerns over the impact of dark trading on market quality. Bond liquidity risk has been another recent investor concern, and research on bond market liquidity has been well received. Other popular research includes white papers on broker trade execution services, transition management, extreme price movements, the impact of a global withholding tax, and analysis of trading costs for pension funds. This category contains surveys and papers of interest to traders, dealers, market-makers, trading venues, stock exchanges and operators of dark pools and dealing platforms.

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