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Top Papers: The Most Thought-provoking Content from May

  • ,  Senior Investment Writer |
  • 24 May 2024

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Some of the best pieces of content we've read this month

This collection of insights contains what we believe to be some of the best content pieces we read in May. They touch on a range of current market and economic topics pertinent to allocators across the glove.

Megatrends: Fueling the Future -The Global Energy Landscape (PGIM)

Nations have risen and fallen, governments come to power and been ousted, and businesses created and destroyed, all in the quest for energy. Today is no different.

Ahead of the Curve: Resilience amid Divergence (Capital Group)

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At present, the benign macroeconomic environment in the U.S. is supportive of credit risk and the anticipated pivot by central banks should support duration.

Building Climate-Aware Multi-Asset Portfolios (Wellington Management)

This in-depth report offers allocators the knowledge to build climate-aware multi-asset portfolios in today's fast-changing world.

Your Spending Policy Can Jeopardize Your Goals (Northern Trust Asset Management)

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Spending policy discussions can be rather dull, but they are critically important nonetheless, as it directly impacts your organization’s ability to shape its mission.

Seizing the T+1 Opportunity (State Street)

T+1 will impact activities across the trade process. Here is what global allocators need to know about it.

Avoid the Size Trap (Wilshire)

Changing market dynamics over the last 25 years have generated the size exposure mirage trap for rigid stock count indexes. Can investors avoid this trap?

Hedge Fund Strategies: An Introduction (LGT Group)

This primer provides investors with all they need to know to better understand different hedge fund strategies in the context of today's markets.

AI, Data Centers and the Coming U.S. Power Demand Surge (Goldman Sachs)

Driven by AI, broader demand and a deceleration in the pace of energy efficiency gains, global data center power demand is poised to more than double by 2030.

Money Laundering Risks in Commercial Real Estate (Global Financial Integrity)

Here are y 25 cases in which illegal, allegedly illicit or suspicious funds were funneled into commercial property over approximately the last 20 years.