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For many, June has been another month of inflation watching, central bank predicting, and market finger-crossing. But what of the big picture? That’s where our curation of the top investment content comes in, offering thought leadership that looks beyond the short-term.

Touching Off: The opportunities in Chinese equities (Man Group, Jun 2022)

Whilst recent years have provided headwinds to the Chinese economy, going forward there may be opportunities for investors who concentrate on earnings revisions.

Infrastructure: Benefits and benchmarking (S&P Dow Jones Indices, Jun 2022)

Infrastructure investing is increasingly popular as investors seek alternative investments that can offer inflation protection, steady long-term return, and risk diversification.

Forecasting Stock Crash Risk With Machine Learning (Robeco, Jun 2022)

This white paper considers how machine learning can help predict which companies may face financial distress, and looks at the future of machine learning for stock selection.

Crypto and the Digital Transformation of Finance (State Street, Jun 2022)

Blockchain technology could have the same impact on financial markets as the internet did a few decades ago, and has potential far beyond the development of cryptocurrency.

ESG Investing and Risk-Adjusted Performance (EDHEC-Risk Institute, Jun 2022)

Whether ESG investing enables superior risk-adjusted performance is difficult to qualify, and ESG strategies may be better judged on their positive environmental and social impact.

The Worst Years Ever For a 60/40 Portfolio (A Wealth of Common Sense, Jun 2022)

With 60/40 portfolios suffering in the year to-date, this article looks at previous poor years for the 60/40 as well as considering whether drawdowns smooth out over the long-term.

Global Energy and Natural Resources Report 2022 (Bain & Company)

What are energy and resources executives thinking about the energy transition? They are taking more action to address challenges, but are also facing increasing complexity.

Global Economic Prospects (World Bank, 2022)

This extensive World Bank report provides a global economic outlook and regional forecasts. A main focus is on stagflation and implications for energy from Russia's invasion of Ukraine.