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August’s Must Read Content


Key Investment Analysis from the Last Month

We start with crypto in this month’s selection. Whilst Warren Buffett once said crypto “would come to a bad ending”, it remains a topic of interest. You will also find inflation covered (how could it not be?) and more, including the quantitative applications of machine learning.

Exploring Cryptocurrencies - Updated August Edition (Invesco)

For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in certain geographies

This paper aims to put Bitcoin into perspective, whilst covering how Bitcoin and Blockchain work, how you value a cryptocurrency and how they might fit into investment portfolios.

Digital Currency, E-Money Tokens and Tokenised Bank Deposits (VoxEU, 2022)

This article covers decentralised finance and stablecoins in their current guise, and possible impacts from the European Commission’s upcoming Markets in Crypto-assets regulation.

Are We Entering a New Era of Higher Inflation? (State Street Corporation)

With all eyes on inflation, this article considers its transitory and permanent components, and how they might affect economic activity and monetary policy in the coming years.

Revisiting the Conventional Wisdom for Asset Location (Vanguard)

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Asset location involves placing assets in a tax-efficient manner, and this research suggests there can be significant value add from stepping outside an equal-location strategy.

Deep Waves: Digital Ecosystem (Franklin Templeton Investments)

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The digital ecosystem describes the interconnectivity of digital assets, incorporating a connection that inspires innovation with potential to add value for asset managers.

The Sting is in the Tail (Man Group)

In times of market volatility tail betas may have an advantage over standard betas in assessing portfolio risk, particularly in highlighting return skewness and asymmetry.

Machine Learning for Econometricians (Portfolio Management Research)

This paper aims to join classical statistics with machine learning, offering a manual for econometricians to harness the powerful capabilities of machine learning techniques.

Inflation’s Uncertain Path (PGIM)

This interactive piece takes a deep-dive on inflation. Regional idiosyncrasies are appraised, followed by a look at history, before practical asset class investing considerations.