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Stocks and Sectors Under the Spotlight

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  • 13 Mar 2024
  • Updated 22 Mar 2024

stocks and sectors

Equity investors need to re-think their strategies

Morningstar recently argued that the U.S. equity market may not be too expensive—depending on what metrics one uses. This is true of every stock market around the world: the data can be read in different ways. However, what matters to allocators focused on their equity exposure is what sort of risks may materialize, and when. This selection of timely insights provides allocators with a wealth of knowledge on the latest developments concerning equity markets and key sectors.

3 Traits of Great Growth Companies Investors Must Know About (Baillie Gifford)

What marks out companies set to flourish in the years ahead? Selecting winning stocks is becoming more difficult for global investors.

Navigating a Potential Sector Rotation of Energy Vs. Tech (CME Group)

Technology and communication services appears to be driving the bus, while energy has been left in the dust. Will the fortunes of these sectors flip?

The Market and Index Impact of Shorter Equity Settlement Cycles (FTSE Russell)

For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in certain geographies

This paper examines some of the potential knock-on effects of a shorter U.S. equity settlement cycle.

AI Tipping Point: A Deep Dive into Semiconductors (MFS)

For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in certain geographies

The semiconductor sector is at the heart of the unfolding AI revolution. The fate of this sector impacts all parts of the equity market worldwide.

Thematic Equity Outlook: Reflections on '23, Anticipating '24 (Robeco)

Technology stocks in the S&P 500 hit an all-time high in 2023, and again in early 2024. What has driven this spectacular performance?

MSCI Index Rebalances Concerning China (Northern Trust Asset Management)

MSCI rebalances impact all constituents in the underlying index. Equity investors need to be aware of these important benchmark developments.

Beyond the Earnings Headlines (PGIM Quantitative Solutions)

The evolution of corporate sentiment might provide some valuable clues to what we can expect for earnings in the upcoming quarters.

Cost of Capital and Capital Allocation and “Easy Money” (Morgan Stanley IM)

Companies around the globe display a gap between the hurdle rate and cost of capital, albeit the disparity is the largest among American companies.

The Telecom Sector and Autonomous Networks (Capgemini Research Institute)

Autonomous telco networks are networks that, under most conditions, can self-configure, self-monitor, self-optimize, and self-heal.

Can Electric Cars Power China’s Growth? (FRBNY)

While technologically advanced, the extent that battery-powered electric vehicles can contribute to GDP growth is limited by the maturity of the motor vehicle industry.