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Stocks and Sectors: New Ways of Thinking About Equities

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  • 22 Jul 2022

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In-depth Analysis on Equity Markets and the Industries of the Future

Recent market volatility has prompted some investors to re-think their perspective on listed equities, diving deeper into stocks’ fundamentals as well as seeking a better understanding of the broader context of the respective sectors. Our list of carefully selected research papers provides practical insights into key sectors, such as healthcare and energy, the relationship between stocks and bonds, the performance of growth vs value equities, and other themes.

Stock-Bond Correlation: A Global Perspective (PGIM)

Bonds have been traditionally the go-to hedge for equity investors due to their inverse correlation with stocks. Will this relationship hold going forward?

Building Portfolios For a More Challenging World (T. Rowe Price, Jun 2022)

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In a volatile market, investing in stocks should be done in the broader context of a portfolio. T. Rowe Price underlines the importance of this process.

Value and Growth: Should I Stay or Should I Go? (MFS)

The benefits of growth or value stocks depend on a number of macroeconomic factors, especially central bank monetary policy which impacts their valuations.

Healthcare's Next Chapter (BlackRock, Jun 2022)

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Healthcare is bound to remain a key sector for institutional investors even after the pandemic. In this detailed report, BlackRock explores the reasons.

Energy Storage and the Clean Energy Transition (Global X ETFs, Jun 2022)

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Energy is one of the most important sectors of the future: energy companies are at the heart of the global transition towards a green economy.

U.S. Equities Market Attributes June 2022 (S&P Dow Jones Indices)

Equity markets are facing a number of risks which investors must balance carefully. These include inflation, growth slowdown, and less accommodative monetary policy.

Fed Quantitative Tightening, Dividends and Risk to Equities (CME Group, 2022)

Quantitative tightening (QT) reduces liquidity in the overall financial system, not just in the bond market. For this reason, equity investors are also paying close attention to QT.

Dynamic Positioning in Defensive Equities (Unigestion, 2022)

Defensive equities have been a favoured part of the market for allocators since the global financial crisis. How do you increase exposure while preserving downside protection?

Why the Automotive Future is Electric (McKinsey & Company, 2022)

Electric vehicles have entered the mainstream. This paper examines how EVs are shaping the automotive industry and how they will contribute to the green economy.

Sustainability and the Darker Side of Big Tech (Morgan Stanley IM, 2022)

While tech companies have been one of the biggest sources of returns for investors over the past two decades, their ESG practices have come under scrutiny lately.


Equity Returns: Earnings acceleration as source of alpha (Special Report, 2022)

This report investigates the effectiveness of earnings acceleration in generating excess returns that are significant and durable across different market cycles.