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Real Estate Update: Nov 2021

Latest Trends in Real Estate

Real estate has not been immune from the Covid-19 pandemic and is having to evolve in a dynamic environment. What once was true is no longer so, meaning changing definitions and investment implications in the sub-asset classes.

Nuveen looks at impact investing in the UK market, whilst in their podcast Diamond Hill CM explores why timber REITs are attractive. PGIM Real Estate provides data on the size of the market, and be sure to find time for Macquarie AM's webinar on real estate for tomorrow's world.

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2022 European Real Estate: New prime (PineBridge Investments, Nov 2021)

PineBridge Investments discusses the outlook for several real estate sectors including offices, industrial, and residential in the context of a new interpretation of ‘prime’ commercial real estate.

Global Real Estate Outlook – Finding value in a new era (M&G Investments, 2021)

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What does investing in real estate look like in a world recovering from Covid-19? This outlook piece outlines key considerations and how investors should tackle this new phase in the real estate market.

Buildings For Change: Impact investing in UK real estate (Nuveen, 2021)

Focusing on the UK market, Nuveen asks how real estate can play its part in impact investing. They outline their thoughts on strategy and on balancing financial return with environmental and social factors.

Podcast: Long-term opportunities in timber REITs (Diamond Hill CM, Nov 2021)

This podcast discusses how timber REITs could stand to gain from a number of supportive factors including demand from residential construction and timber’s role in carbon capture and sustainability.

Pe-a-king Property (LGIM, Nov 2021)

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In this quick read, LGIM looks at the Chinese property sector and the factors that may influence demand in the years to come.

Core Real Estate for U.S. Insurers (MetLife IM, 2021)

Insurers are increasingly looking at commercial real estate equity. Metlife IM reports on why this is the case, and what points need to be considered.

Webinar: Real estate for tomorrow's world (Macquarie AM, Oct 2021)

The webinar panel discusses what the commercial real estate sector can take from the coronavirus pandemic, how it could move with technological advancement, and what real estate investments of the future may look like.

Rising Costs in Commercial Real Estate (Franklin Templeton Investments, 2021)

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Building costs have seen a steep climb since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. This has had a knock-on effect on commercial real estate development and maintenance, including longer timeframes and ballooning budgets.

A Bird’s Eye View of Real Estate Markets (PGIM Real Estate, Oct 2021)

In this updated paper, PGIM Real Estate looks to quantify the value of global real estate, whilst offering thoughts on where the market is heading and the potential investment implications.

Emerging Trends in Real Estate: Europe 2022 (PwC)

The impact of Covid-19 on the real estate sector is still reverberating, yet there is a strong argument for investment in Europe due to the underlying fundamentals.

U.S. Housing as a Safe Haven: Evidence from China (U.S. Federal Reserve, 2021)

This paper looks at what can be learned from a significant buy-up of U.S. residential real estate by Chinese investors over the last decade.