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Deep Dives into Private Markets

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  • 13 May 2024
  • Updated 17 May 2024

private markets

Spotting the right opportunities among private market sectors

Explore the latest perspectives on hedge funds, the VC industry, farmland, crypto assets, and private credit from some of the world's top asset managers and institutions. Allocators are facing an increasingly difficult environment to source alpha, even from private market opportunities. These insights have been collected with an eye to helping you make better investment decisions.

Private Markets Outlook April 2024: From Headwinds to Tailwinds (State Street)

There has been a lot of coverage of private markets in recent months. However, unexplored areas still need researching.

Global Private Markets Review 2024 (McKinsey & Company)

As private market managers look to boost performance in this new era of investing, a deeper focus on revenue growth and margin expansion will be needed now more than ever.

Hedge Fund Outlook H2 2024 (Amundi)

For compliance reasons, this paper is NOT accessible in the United States

Given the recent macroeconomic and market backdrops, how are hedge funds likely to perform for the rest of this year?

Hedge Fund Industry Performance Deep Dive – Q1 2024 (Aurum)

This report provides investors with long-term data on hedge fund performance to help them contextualize this sector of the private markets universe.

The Evolution of Farmland as an Institutional Asset (Peoples Company)

Prior to the Great Recession, farmland was not part of most asset allocation strategies. This, however, has changed in recent years. Find out why.

Google Trends Sentiment and Cryptocurrency Returns (Quantpedia)

Cryptocurrency anomalies can be explained by behavioral theories emphasizing noise trader risks rather than fundamental ones.

Venture Pulse: Global Analysis of Venture Funding (KPMG)

Looking toward the months ahead, given the growing uncertainty in the world, VC investment is not likely to accelerate.

Venture Monitor Q1 2024 (Pitchbook/NVCA)

The first quarter of 2024 did not start on a high note for the U.S. VC community. This is in line with what the VC industry has experienced globally.

U.S. Private Credit Opportunities (Northern Trust Asset Management)

What has been driving the private credit growth in recent years, and can this trend continue? This piece answers both of these questions.