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Private Markets and Assets Update

  • ,  Senior Investment Writer |
  • 10 May 2023
  • Updated 19 May 2023

private markets

The latest insights into private asset classes and markets

During a period of structurally higher inflation, a growing number of allocators are looking at private markets – alternative assets and strategies – for alpha generation and risk protection. From pension funds to family offices, institutional investors continue to find appeal among private markets. Below you can find the latest insights into this space.

State Street Private Markets Study 2023 (State Street)

Investors in private markets have to adapt to a new macroeconomic environment. This study provides a blueprint for navigating this new world.

Look Forward | Private Markets (S&P Global)

Investors continue to increase their allocations to alternative asset classes and strategies – a trend that has remained on an upward trajectory for more than ten years.

Private Debt Market Outlook: The Opportunity Of A Lifetime? (Franklin Templeton)

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Market conditions have led to a dearth of capital chasing loans, meaning that private debt lenders have their choice of good companies to which to lend.

A Guide to Hedge Fund Fees and Redemption Terms (Aurum)

Investors determine whether hedge fund fees and redemption terms are appropriate through the manager selection process.

Grey to Green: The Opportunity for Private Equity to Decarbonize Assets (FCLT)

Decarbonisation is a generational investment opportunity and, with the right structures in place, private markets can drive investment at scale in the “grey-to-green” transition.

Hedge Funds: Performance, Risk Management & Impact on Asset Markets

Studies continue to show the important role of hedge funds in contributing to price discovery, market efficiency, and liquidity in financial markets.

Does the Rise of Renewable Energy Create New Risks for Investors? (EDHEC Infra)

This report focuses on the investment needed for UK infrastructure to support the transition towards a greener economy.

Are GPs Borrowing Trouble with an Exotic Funding Tactic? (CAIA)

The market for collateralised fund obligations (CFOs), as small as it is, is growing while it remains relatively opaque.

Direct Lending (Fidelity Investments)

For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in the United States

The direct lending market, which consists of privately negotiated loans, continues to grow. Over the past decade it has expanded by 10x in terms of assets.