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Pension Funds: Key themes

Navigating New Challenges and Opportunities

Pension funds globally are facing a new set of challenges and opportunities as the world continues to emerge from the coronavirus pandemic. This new environment of risks and rewards requires these large institutional investors to rethink their asset allocation approaches, how they view technology and even how they think about risk management. Climate change, regulatory developments and geopolitical tensions represent some of the timely considerations for pension funds. It is against this dynamic backdrop that the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association (PLSA) conference this May will be held in Edinburgh. For more details about the event, as well as how to register, check the link below!

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Global Pensions Trends: The importance of technology innovation (SimCorp)

Pension funds globally are facing increasing pressure to align their investment and asset management practices with evolving standards of ESG practices and mandates. Utilising modern information technology is vital for managers of large pension funds to meet these new criteria.

The Case for Gold in DC Asset Allocations (World Gold Council, Apr 2022)

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Traditionally, investment portfolios for DC plans have been made up of equities and bonds. This mix has worked well for investors for a long time. However, in the new normal, it is worth reconsidering this capital allocation strategy.

Global Pension and Sovereign Funds Risk Management Survey (KPMG, 2022)

Risk management is becoming a strategic and business priority across global pension and sovereign funds. The survey provides the latest insights into how some of the world's largest investors approach risk management in a post Covid-19 world.

DC Plans: Three themes for investors to consider (Wellington Management, 2022)

Wellington Management's DC plan specialists highlight three big-picture investment themes that are not only top of mind for many plan participants in today’s environment, but are also likely to have staying power in the months ahead.

High Yield Bonds in DC Pension Strategies (Aegon AM, 2022)

Unlike their older counterpart – defined benefit schemes – the defined contribution schemes do not guarantee a retirement income. Therefore, it is critical that DC pensions make use of the attractive risk-return profile of the high yield bond asset class.

Illiquid Assets Allocation under Liquidity and Capital Requirements (2021)

DB pension funds invest in illiquid asset classes for return, diversification or liability hedging reasons. This paper aims to shed light on the factors influencing how much they invest in illiquid assets.

Decentralised Finance for Actuaries (Society of Actuaries, 2022)

Decentralised finance, or DeFi, is an emerging financial system powered by blockchain technology. This research report aims to introduce actuaries to DeFi and help them develop a solid understanding of DeFi.


PLSA Investment Conference 2022 (Edinburgh) 25-26 May

The PLSA’s Investment Conference is back in Edinburgh in May, providing investors with the very latest insights into the dynamics of the new era for pensions investment. Register and secure your place by clicking on the link above!