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Megatrends: Q4 2021

Transformative Growth and Innovative Value Creation

What are the megatrends that will most significantly affect the creation of value in the years ahead? Furthermore, which industries or geographies may be on the cusp of experiencing growth that is propelled by these forces?

In the papers included below, top consultants and asset managers examine themes such as technological advances in the services sector, digital innovations in China and India, and macroeconomic conditions that may weigh heavily on corporate profits.

megatrends q4 2021

The Investment Implications of Technological Disruption (PGIM, Oct 2021)

The next revolution in the services sector is being propelled by advances in artificial intelligence, cloud computing, machine learning, and other innovative technologies. PGIM examines these forces and their implications for investors.

Are Yesterday’s Tailwinds Tomorrow's Headwinds? (MFS IM, Oct 2021)

The coming decade may not paint as rosy a picture as the previous one for corporate profits, given the influences of lower growth, high levels of corporate debt, and high input costs.

Allocating to Thematic Investments (BNP Paribas AM, Sep 2021)

BNP Paribas Asset Management describes a framework for thematic investing that incorporates robust portfolio optimisation.

Intangibles and Expected Stock Returns (Dimensional Fund Advisors, 2021)

Do intangible assets explain a significant amount of global equity returns? This study from Dimensional Fund Advisors delves into the differences in expected returns as well as intangible measurement.

Did IR 4.0 Kill Mean Reversion Investing? (Franklin Templeton Investments, 2021)

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The authors highlight several reasons why we may be witnessing the death of mean reversion investing, and growth may continue to outperform value.

Digital India: The $1 trillion opportunity (Investcorp, 2021)

India's economy is growing rapidly, supported by a large population of consumers that are digitally savvy. Their robust startup ecosystem has now led to the creation of over 60 unicorns.

The Evolution of Thematic Investing and ESG (Candriam, Sep 2021)

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Candriam explores the growth in two popular investment approaches, that of ESG and thematic investing.

The Future of Digital Innovation in China (McKinsey & Company, 2021)

McKinsey & Company identifies six megatrends that are underlying China's digital innovation, including supply chain digitization, the mobility revolution, and the virtualization of services.

Big Business Digs into Deep Tech (BCG, 2021)

BCG examines deep tech in Europe, including AR/VR, AI, biotech, and blockchain, also looking into how corporations can invest in European deep tech opportunities.

Future of Health: Innovation boosted (Roland Berger, 2021)

Roland Berger looks at megatrends within healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and biotech, discussing the convergence of physical and digital innovation.

Technology Report 2021 (Bain & Company)

Bain & Company’s 92-page report discusses cloud technology, semiconductors, AI, and the great decoupling between the U.S. and China.

Non-fungible Tokens: Redefining digital scarcity (Kraken, 2021)

Kraken Intelligence outlines the purpose of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), current developments in this space, how NFTs operate.